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Jersey one at one point five from abc news tech trends it's something you don't wanna finding your airbnb rental and unsuspecting couple renting a house to the florida keys were shocked to find a hidden camera in the bedroom smoke detector cui seized a lot of computer storage data devices police say the pinhol camera was capable of streaming hd audio and video we're also wi fi capable so they'd be signally dinette the hardwired or meant police say there is a difference between a regular home surveillance cameras to catch crooks and what they found in this case legal analyst areva martina says renters certainly should have the right to privacy there are state laws that prohibit people fro secret we videotaping others particularly in those those were individuals have an expectation of privacy in a statement airbnb says its policy prohibits cameras in private areas and takes this situation very seriously this homeowner who had been a member for two years and had over 40 reviews with airbnb has been permanently banned from the serve this was tech trends i'm cheri preston abc news one of one point five news time seven three now new jersey one of one point five fast traffic slight delays on 87 south and bridgewater between exit 14 and twelve also delays on route twenty four eastbound between exit eight in milburn and seventy eight in springfield that'll kostunic for ten minutes because of an earlier incident nail cleared but over on the garden state parkway delays northbound 143 upward 145 you've got some cell phone volume in pockets from seventy eight right on down to 135 in clark after that it seems to open up pretty well and traffic on the turnpike just slightly busy still southbound on the eastern and western spurs from fifteen on down with.

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