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Personalities and like they do bring fans into the game all they do a lot of us. It's similar channel the in that case in baseball Where they can bring excitement? The fans are such a huge part of this. What is it like watching these games without any fans in the stands because of this pandemic? It's very unfortunate At the end of the day like I would save cream. Baseball experience. Eighty percents with being this. The fans watching the players. Of course. There's a big thing but it's very unfortunate that we cannot actually show that the whole World or America rather but at the same time it's something that gives opportunity For fans at home to watch the baseball game so I think it's still a huge thing that we have a leak going on while condemning is happening while at the same time is very unfortunately we cannot out of fans going play. What actually being able to participate live at the game. These are the these Games are on here in Canada. In the middle of the night you get up to watch them. I definitely do It is it was a little bit hard yesterday when I tried to watch them because it was like. Am in the morning. But I definitely was Interested enough and it was my favorite team that I actually played so without actually helpless on giving me the urge to wake up in the morning to watch those games. Who's your team Mike came Samsung Lions. I think it's more familiar to all the people in America because they've Samsung and like every new car. A lot of people use the Samsung phone something. Tv What do you? What do you love about that team? it was my mother's team so my mom taught me how to play baseball on. How do they experience baseball? And her favorite team offense on and so ever since naturally ever since I was little. Okay my mom multi and loved it as a fan. We know I mean. There are chants and songs. Does that do the Samsung Lions have kind of like a chance for the team? Yes stay deathly do And each of the players have their own vong so when they come up to hit They step into the batter's box. Everyone tents that those songs and it's very exciting to see and it's very enjoyable to. Can you sing the Samsung Lions Song? I quickly so players detained a lot so I do not really remember. I quickly because I haven't been to the game for a year or so. Sounds like you're trying to avoid singing on the radio. What would give me a flavor. What would it sound like? What would what would one of the chance? Be who would be like really similar to some of the National Long Korea and then they would In Corporate Lake Premium players name on this very simple ously neon and then you would clip with the B and all of that fantastic. Enjoy this moment for your sport. It's suddenly you a lot of other. People are up in the middle of the night watching baseball from faraway. Thank you very much. Nobody is the program director of the Korean Canadian Baseball Association. He is in Toronto. This is the current on. Cbc Radio One. I'm Matt Galloway sticking with sports sort of Tom. Power the host of Q. Is here hello. Tom Met you. Never ask me to sing on the Radio. I could do you have. Do you have a song lead baseball that you'd like to sing? No one time you actually did make me sing a song about memory live on stage when you were hosting metro morning in Toronto. I did indeed because when you ask somebody on the radio to something. Sometimes they'll do it. I'm going to keep that in mind to sing. Tiempo yellow ribbon around the old oak tree never going to happen. We want people to continue to listen. Turn the radio off here not to talk about baseball but basketball now. Yeah I'm here to talk about a pretty amazing story. Wesley King is a children's author in Nova Scotia. One day he was sitting in his boat he gets a call from Kobe. Bryant Kobe Bryant wants him to work on a children's book with him so he plies to Los Angeles and they work on it together. I mean of course. Kobe Bryant died earlier this year and tragic helicopter crash but before death. He was working on this children's book series. And now it's coming out. Check this out how are you? I'm doing all right. Thanks thanks so much for making the time before we get going. It just occurred to me that we've all been mourning. The loss of Kobe Bryant doesn't as an icon or someone we were a fan of but it's rare to meet somebody who's morning him as a friend. I'm so sorry thank you. Yeah I mean it was certainly a new experience to be morning a friend but also in of the public In the grocery store and see your friends as looking at it you release it was It was and continues to be just a strange experience. How did you guys meet in the first place? How did he reach out to you? Yes random I suppose turned out somebody to give it to one of my pucks inkling towards getting into chill storytelling he. He read them all and became a fan and reached out to me. But much to my surprise I was sitting on a fishing boat in rural Nova Scotia. When got the email that nickleby? Brian wanted to talk about writing a book together. So clash of world's they're a little bit and we hopped on the phone that night we It awesome it's on play to La days right in four years ago. Do you have any idea how you got his raider funny? Just descending read the books I don't know who actually gave it to Probably other big denna gratitude. But he just got the first one he read every single one of my books before even arrived. voracious reader. I mean. In retrospect I of course things use a big big raider a big sandwich children's storytelling offer head so we obviously connected on a bunch of things right away. It's uncommon for any athlete to have a side project like this especially for one like Kobe. Bryant I mean. He didn't need to write a children's book series. He could've to just lay on a beach for the rest of his life. Did he ever talk to you about why he was so interested in telling stories like this? Yeah he developed a real passion for it. You know even as a kid in Through high school it had the teachers started affected him. But I I think the real triggering moment was just as kids you know. He was phenomenal. Coach Phenomenal Dad. A venue to sort of share some of these values with the world large knew we had a captive audience especially of maybe young impressionable readers and he wanted to give them the of messaging me as on his own daughters. And so that was really sort of pure motive behind it that that also just let itself into what we started doing okay. So you're on a fishing boat. You got a plane to Los Angeles. You get off the plane. Pay Me a picture of when you met Kobe Bryant for the first time in real life I mean I guess now. It seems like the most typical Canadian coming to L. A. Moment ever because I had loafers shorts a softball. Sheridan ball cap on and I went to this like high-powered office in Newport beach. Walk into this. Last sort of office. his office and he's sitting monitors this massive celebrity deaths county by twenty pitcher. A Black Mamba Snake. On the walls the super villain type archetype Erin stands up and gives you a hog and says are you ready. Let's do it and we sort of sat down and started going but I look back on the scripture because here I am going to L. H. The first time aware loafers in shorts and a ball cap out but I think he liked that sort of very honest approach at each other so that worked out. Tell me about the series. The wizner he set up the premise. In just a couple of words here. Sherri. Yeah so just down the down in luck basketball team that visited by this match coach. Some challenges them to look inside themselves to confront fears insecurities to become the ball players and ultimately the man that they can be. I'm so it's very sort of positive uplifting story about how we can work on ourselves to become what we dreamed be. What are the stakes here? Like what's the conflict in this new series? They're interesting there's no. There's no obvious dealer. Susan the typical narrative arc that a lot of young leaders could use to this is more moving inward and using magic to sort of challenge on the doubts and insecurities. There's stories in here about things. Like Body Image. Like assume responsibility for families all these types of issues that manifest themselves at these magical cool challenges that we had to confront identify in our everyday lives again and this was sort of along those lines of the Momma mentality but just encouraging kids to believe in themselves in other sort of pure message of Hart Hall. What were your writing sessions like little blogger little Zany at times? You know Kobe like throat ideas. So that I you know. We just be sitting on couches bouncing ideas back and forth remember. One time I came back. He called me up. I was in the Mediterranean Sea. Sailboat is like can you come to? La like tomorrow like well. I'll do my best eye. Dr Africa Ghana playing goes in L. A. Like three days later and his office was just covered. Posted not just been writing. Maniacally posted moats everywhere and that helped shape. This next part of our books it was all very sperm model. So I guess if you have that hard work that mob mentality that he said that UN ending drive. It's also going to be there and every part of your life not just basketball. Oh absolutely I mean he. He became a mentor. Figure for me but not for what people might think mental cigarettes prioritizes life. It was family. I you know I was waking up at five. Am Who's coaching his daughter? Scheme or our values taking them out the school spending time with them throughout the running all these businesses publishing books. Doing all this stuff. I mean he was this source of constant energy than I admired so greatly higher. How're you finding doing interviews in promoting this book After his passing a bittersweet I guess is the word slump because obviously it brings back memories the mentality that life prior to January twenty six courses changed so dramatically Colombian I had talked about writing books in perpetuity citizen Katie. Reading books forever. This was sort of my future plans and and more than that. It was losing a friend. So that part's hard on the plus side. You know what I'm seeing. You know the book what Went Number One New York. Times again been translated again being spent on the world. So casillas values in his message. Continue to live on that legacy they spread. You know. That's the sweet part of it so it's been about. I guess if you'd like to tell me more about how your attitude towards life changed after you heard about Kobe passing in different ways and I. It was a sucker punch to the stomach. I was down..

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