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Twenty eight on your thursday morning. Colorado's voice when three one thirteen ten. Kfi gay warnings with gail the auto collision specialists studios. What you think of that. Stop fascist assign. This apparently pretty prominently displayed on a tractor trailer in fort collins on semi whatever the case may be. I haven't seen the sign myself but seems so it's causing quite disturbed because well you had Tom gonzalez who is over the lamoure county department of public health and environment deciding that well that was directed straight at him and needless to say yeah he has come under pressure as they came up with that program for businesses. That's after larimer county. Did in fact mandate mass. I believe it was last wednesday at noon for indoor spaces but Came up with a work around basically for Businesses to opt into this program which for all intents and purposes is on the path to a vaccine passport. Well apparently yeah. There was some blowback there which is to be expected so all of a sudden up. Pops this truck with sign on it. That says stop fascists and well. Let's say that Tom gonzalez internalized. That and this led to an entire flurry of text messages and emails. I believe it was up on Graham if i'm not mistaken but enter lamoure county sheriff justin smith the voice of reason essentially saying it's protected speech unless this truck is parked here legally We're gonna leave it alone. What say you nine. Seven three five three thirteen ten drops text on thirteen. Ten k of k a text. Line triple eight five. Three zero zero zero forty three. I don't know sometimes the best way to say something is to say nothing at all. But what say you eight thirty now. One zero three one thirteen ten. Kpfk northern colorado's voice. Join clark johnson. And bruce dick for cargo coach weekdays at eleven. Another in colorado's voice one zero three point. One thirteen ten kfi k. Everything you need to know about northern colorado is on noko now weekdays nine northern colorado's voice one three point one in thirteen ten.

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