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I mean it's been consistent his entire career. Right. He never forgets to fight that way. And if anything you can't talk him out of fighting that way pretty much, right? And he's one of the hall of fame or won. The fight is so at this point, I don't know that of any fighter. If you told me okay, this veteran fighters gonna leave a camp. What kind of you know, one of the biggest camps what kind of? Impact? Do you think that's going to have on the last few fights of his career? I think few would be impacted less maybe than Diogo Sanchez just because it's not like he needs, Mike winkle, John, there to remind him to fight like a maniac. What I'm saying. Like, if it were more if it were a bigger level mind game, and there were more technical approaches involved, things like that, or it was younger in his career, perhaps, but at this stage, I mean, obviously, it's, it's making news for big reasons. He's a, a well-known beloved fighter. And that's one of the biggest camps there is. But in the end how much of a difference, does it make only if you had a father son type of relationship, you're, then it'll hurt him. It'll noodle hurt him a little bit. But you're right that guy he's ready to fight on Tuesday. Yeah. You know what I mean? He's got that look on them and I don't see them affecting that. But it does kind of like tug on my heart strings a little bit that at like he said. Thirty two fights by the time. He's he rides out his last contract or is next contract, whatever you wanna call it and he still wants to get better. You know what I mean? And he's kind of been one of the guys that helped. Give that Jim identity thou that Jim was was kind of known for like five fighters. I'm not mistaking me five or six, you can correct me if I'm wrong with back in two thousand five when you thought Jackson's you thought of. GSP Jarding joy via senor Diego Sanchez, like if they were to show old photos, sorry, Daego Sanchez. Yes. If they were to show old photos you'd see maybe like six or seven of those dudes like that. Yeah. You know what I mean? And they gave that Jim a huge identity. And of course, the gym grew and has had a tremendous amount of success, but Tam like I would I would just feel like a relationship like that, that started so strong can and strong as well. I also wonder is like a Montana. Why did he play the last two years with Casey's the forty Niners just finished with Jordan, when he went to the bullets but whatever this fallout? The does this follow a conversation. He had with, with Jackson or winkle John or multiple conversations where they try to straighten this out. Or is this all news to Jackson? Winkle jonah's. What I wonder it's that's word. I'll. In town because. Yeah. Home into that's where it's really going to kind of be sad is, if this was basically announced as we heard it, you know, if they're for the first time, but if it's something that they talked about a number times, tried to straighten out and couldn't than maybe it just couldn't be avoided. Yeah. All right. We're gonna take our last break. When we come back, we'll talk a little bit about the rankings. The USA today sports and enemy junkie rankings come out every Tuesday on our front page, and everyone is in the sports page. I have a hand in that. So I have a little bit of insight and there's been a little bit of movement. And I think it's interesting so we'll discuss it. When we come back and make junkie radio on fight nation channel one fifty six. Put excellence in excitement in your Vitamix. And, and you get 'em may junkie radio. All right. We're back joined by Richard hundred from the phone booth fighting podcast. And I wanted to ask you Richard, when's the next show, dropping and do you have any guests that are coming up that we can? Yes vote. Yes. Thank you for asking the next show, actually will drop about midnight tonight and then tomorrow we're taping an episode that is going to we're gonna have Greg Holland in studio. Just came off a big win get kept. I'm sorry. Kevin holland. Yes..

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