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In an eight oz Sania okay Janice standing those stickiness program are sticking is saying mobile like tequila Morton it's about all M. around here middle do on our own bartenders like a slowly to her father owns a ways should be plenty of a business as a so your stuff is all right last month's agreement came in last night so you can start setting up the mail as soon as you get back don't worry I'll get it up and not worry but time is important he is in your CD prices thanks beautiful be you see maybe that's you top to bottom is okay Sania is plenty okay maybe wanted d'assise Anya I would like Mexico after all Martin I don't know how much going storage about the set up not much so there was a chance for some money and was a little excitement he didn't tell you there might be more than excitement jail maybe or worse imagine it okay then you understand that we got a lease proposition on our hands we got to camp especially with these people they know what we were planning okay what are we planning we struck a rich vein of gold quartz in the remote mountains about twenty miles from here I've got my crew mining as fast as we can before anybody around here finds out about it so the tough part comes in getting out of the country there's a wave of Mexico for Mexicans right now and if we haul in or out of the regular stamping mill in town the government or the state most of the gold I see so you bring me into sort of a small stepping out of the mine and mill the all that right we figure that in the next month we can so sort of maybe a half million dollars worth of free gold and get out quick before anybody gets Weiss half a million dollars yes it will still want to smuggle it out of the country Tom Jones kid.

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