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Getting hold of vaccines, a result of its spending too long deciding to buy them at the time. Definitely there was, I think of you that companies would basically ramp up production themselves. Did you countries worry too much about getting a good price? And not enough about investing because the member countries haven't been incentivized to do their part. We actually lift as the world with less vaccines, less production capability, then we would have otherwise. What does that mean for the use race to minimize its people? It looks like it's not one hour, two Japs and off we go. It really looks like we will probably have this another year or not. Two years before the covert 19 is really gone, or is it just a simple disease? This week on the inquiry. How did Europe fall behind in the vaccine race? Join me. Tanya Beckett coming up after the news. Hello. I'm ws with the BBC News. The head of the Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee is expected to resign after making sexist comments. This want outrage in Japan. Yoshiro Mori, a former prime minister had said women talk too much. From Tokyo. His Rupert Wingfield Hayes 83 year old Yoshiro Mori first apologized and then said he withdrew the comments unconditionally. The Japanese government declared the matter closed, but they had not reckoned on the huge local and international backlash against Mr Mori. Around 400 Olympic and Paralympic Volunteers quit and Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka condemned Mr Morrie's words, calling them ignorant. Then on Wednesday, the head of Toyota, one of the biggest Olympic sponsors, weighed in calling Mr Murray's comments regrettable and out of keeping with Toyota's values that may have been the final straw. United States and China have given contrast in accounts of President Biden's first phone call with XI Jin Ping Since taking office last month, the White House said Mr Biden had expressed concern over Beijing's treatment of weaker Muslims in Xinjiang and it's tightening grip on Hong Kong. China's account of the conversation was given by a news reader on the state broadcaster CCTV strongly who utterly only those that reach out little Shi Xiang found way you took to chancellor only cooperation benefits. Both China and the United States and conflict would lead to great harm. Cooperation is the only correct choice for both sides. China US cooperation can accomplish many important things that benefit both countries and the world joining US conference Nation is definitely a disaster for both countries on the world. The military authorities behind last week's coup in Myanmar have carried out another wave of arrests of officials linked to the ousted government. They're reported to include one of Hanson's hooches closest advisers, Georgian sway along with provincial chief ministers. His are Southeast Asia. Correspondent Jonathan Head As protests against the coup continue for 1/6 Day, The ruling Military Council has drafted a new law to give it greater powers to censor the Internet and social media and to criminalize posts which are deemed threatening to public order. President. Biden has responded to the coup by approving new sanctions, including a freeze on around $1 billion in bank deposits held in the U. S and restrictions on exports. He promised, though, that the U. S would continue to support health care and civil society in me, Emma Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, which developed one of the main covert 19 vaccines currently available, has reported pretax profits of $3.9 billion for 2020. It's more than double the figure for the previous year. The British Swedish firm also predicted earnings growth in 2021 of more than 10% World News from the BBC. Thousands of primary school students in south Sudan have been unable to set their final exams following fighting in John Glade and Unity states. The education minister said the tests were canceled as the safety of in vigil, Laters could not be guaranteed in rebel held areas. She also said several of her staff had been abducted. The opposition believes the exam cancelation is political and will affect the future of many pupils. On UN elected assembly has begun a two day meeting in Minsk to discuss President Alexander Lukashenko is four year plan for Belarus. The 2400 delegates are expected to approve whatever he proposes. Six months after an election that many Belarusians believe he stole. The pool has banned to Indian climbers from mountaineering for six years after discovering that faked an ascent of Mount Everest. The Rangers singing yard of and see moronic, A Swami said they reached the top of the world's highest mountain in 2016. Falls Tourism Department certified their claim at the time. But Mr Your Doves nomination for a prestigious Indian award prompted outrage on an investigation and appall. Tourism Ministry officials said The pears photographs appeared to have been faked. Archaeologists have managed to produce near perfect notes from a con shell that was used as a musical instrument or the 17,000 years ago. The artifact is the oldest known win type of its of its type. This report from Jonathan Amos spectacular resonance from an ancient time. This large shell from an Atlantic Sea snail was unearthed in appear Unease Cave in the 19 thirties. At the time, it was thought to be a ceremonial drinking cup. Nothing more. But now, French researchers have identified the deliberate modifications that would have enhanced its ability to make sound. Modern musician blowing into the shell was able to generate notes close to C C. Sharp indeed. ABC News Welcome to the inquiry. I'm telling you, Beckett each week. One question for expert witnesses on day and answer. Yeah. It's the middle of June last year on before European countries Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands are on the brink of signing a joint deal to buy the AstraZeneca Cove. It 19 vaccine. But there's a problem. Other European countries think it would be better if this kind of deal was done by the European Union. So it's decided to pass.

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