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We have seen a couple of cars do that in front of him. One of them was Ryan Newman. Michael McDowell. Also making a stop. And so Winston Kelly, you talked about it. Would they pit once or twice before the end of the stage break? We'll find out here comes Kyle Busch. Well, right now they're gonna average of splitting it into 44 lamps. From when we went back when they came in with caution flag on lap 27 44 more laps to the end way, say a wedge adjustment for Kyle Busch fighting a very loose conditions. We've got a number of other pit boards out. We see Cold Buster's going out way. See Alex moments pitch forward out, so a lot of guys would captain to come down pit road. Here. We've got one more. We've got several that are in front of Kim kun are making their stock had awesome villain and 65. Ryan Newman left 68. We're currently 72 Martin track studio getting service on that Toyota started off Really good Now on the three side, four tire smoke down in a way. He's down in a way more later is down here. That would be chase Ellie, and he likes the feel of his racecar pit stall number one way, Environment style number seven. He likes the feel of his race cars. Well, loose the word that we get for the machine brand Kozlowski. He's on pit road here on lap number 73. Matt Kenseth on Pit Road last 73. Here comes any Hamlin gonna work Go to work right side of his car. He's got the keys around the car. He's like the handle of his race. A little bit more grip. It's gonna be 1/4 tire stopped picked up several positions that caution Flag. Stop Denny Hamlin down it away your own lap number. 73 Kim. Just trying to tighten up the back back. Two more cars continue to make their way around the race. Track burning pool has just brought that car to pit lane as the Korea Lee Joy great coverage under the green flag pit stops with Winston and Kim. As we continue to watch cars come in. Kurt Busch. Now making his way to the team on the right side will get back on. That means that everybody now among our front running cars have made a pit stop. Kurt Busch. Making that pitstop gives up the lead. Turns it back over to guess who Chase Elliott For Over 50 years. Marin has brought you the on track battles lead ship, the jaw dropping crashes. Elia taps Daniel Suarez there in a spin and thrilling.

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