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Host. Mr william de morgan and i have the best host in a world with me right. Now i i will bring add. The old man has been with me for two years. M more than bring up my man shot so how you doing. I'm good sir. i'm good how are you doing. You can complain and next up. I am bringing in the man who lives in canada he fights the moose in on a daily basis. He is the heavyweight champion at aware of. Give it up from me. Gene gene wants now too much nothing too much. It is a great night to talk some peak. Let's do this as we always now. This is the fastest our in podcast in. Get it going all right. Let me roll over to the a chris. Thank you for being afraid. Think it being here. K. w. Thank you for being here cutie. See thank you for coming out. Man appreciate you are are. Let's go ahead and get into a first of all. How's everyone's week good good on on a which was good. It was good. I i just. I just want to say i know. We don't have very much in the way of the showcase lineup. I just wanna throw it out there if anybody is a fan and has disney plus to watch yourself somebody. Dutt's episode was bang air for a real. They brought back the original. Og mighty ducks. It was it was fun to see the district. Five guys get together with coach bombay. One more time lariat was great right all right. Let's go ahead and gift started with the show. Sean your in charge of the news in topic straying. Let's go ahead and guest. But i let do this. Roof weight is real quick. And see i gotta keep that on him now. Let's go ahead and get into the news. strangle win. Starting them buff worse. Yes sir is up a few days ago. Apparently we had international superhero day. So happy it's all you. Secondly i think yesterday i think it was. We are happy birthday for tom. Welling you know played car cans on smallville ends. We actually have a little news from him. And i'm michael rush. Can we pull up real quick me. One segment mcgill here. Ruma ago there is a move here. They said the tone whaling in much. Looser pitcher no increasing the tweet. We've gone on instagram live. My garage said himself and tom walley are trying to develop. An animated smallville continuation. Now on cool whether that's going to be season elevensies in twelve. 'cause we have eleven in comic book form renault. Either way we've seen the c- that'd be cool. Yeah what do you guys think. Just think as long as it doesn't get to ambiguous. When i mean is like usually when you try to go anime. They too far one way or too far the other. But i i hope i like to see this project i was. I think there's a lot of people still wanted to see tom. Welling actually in the super suit rich wary. We only guy that at one time. I think we wanna see little more him in that. So yeah that'd be great to see all right next up for netflix's apparently doing a feature of princess. Guardian sailor moon eternal. May we have a picture of that if can show that real quickly. I'm i'm sun kaunda. Yes so june third interested in that little minimum right there man feel about because the my only concern is it dove subbed or english. Well no i mean usually less you have some so he can choose one. We'll see all we also have a question. It's pretty good young. Yeah the moment right. Definitely good moments and no that's not. I don't think they're movies. Live action that salem move is animated right and yet you haven't made it. Yes yes there is some live action stuff. You wanna look for it. I mean the incident this no. I'm actually that the japan most definitely art. Next up dc fan will be returning but instead of taking the spot of san diego comecon. It would take an star of new york comecon on october sixteenth. Well let my birthday okay. Dated gene there is a little piece. There's a little piece of trivia for yet seen her jeans birthday to here. I show yup yup all right now. Anyone who's playing the Power ranger battle for the greg game knows that there's going to be a real on on character added soon there's also going to be a ninety s angel growth class of maybe three alternative suit for him as well. So that's nice lad. Bishen pretty cool. I i actually. I actually liked the little thing that baton ascended with that adding review as a a dry. I wish they expanded on that dalo into that a little bit more. Yeah yes sir yes sir. Let's see what else we got year. I'd say this over an assault Lauren pollen from the on. The walking dead will apparently be in the boys as crimson course and season three a their version of maximov year earlier year. So if you're into the boys boys good is the show. The show's good It's definitely well written. I think it'd be funny to see something like that. I think it'd be more of a a parody or it'd be like a show within a show. That's how i feel that they would go about it. You just by the writing type. That they've went with sas also put in. They also say supposed to be moved glory. We're blood any previous season. So that's the rumor so let's see here. We'll see we'll see all right now. Next up we have our first look at alexander. Rivera aka the human form of for For the strength force as seen in episode four. Pick the show you. Can you please chicken flu now. We'll get to that soon. I got an affordable stuff. I don did a suicide squad. American soldier just a flash. I might toy. I might not have a one on the flash talking to some check in blue bam. That's what she looks.

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