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And other inmates in the tailor shop fifty one years old fourteen year marriage adult children she was even the tax collector town you know relationships you were the many prisons surprised when we talk about this we had a little discussion you said these relationships could happen every day in a different prisons around the country is that true she is it's not a rare case the public thinks it's rare because you don't hear about these maximum security escapes being so successful but every prison america every prison in america has a on a regular basis has have staff being compromised and as a former chief of internal affairs before it was warden back in the nineties ninety two to ninety five i was the chief of internal affairs for the entire bureau prisons so we had a group of about twenty five or thirty staff and we would monitor the thirty eight thousand staff within the federal system to make sure they're following policy we've worked with inspector general's office fbi's you could service at times things like that and as i flew around the country i was it prepared me to be a warden i'll tell you why because i was able to see if there's so many great staff you know ninety five percent of your staffer outstanding but that other percentage are those that are the weakest of the staff the compromised by the inmates in only it's something simple i bringing in some cigarettes which are contraband items and then it gets bigger and bigger and before you know you have people all around the country sneaking in cellphone sneaking in drug sneaking in items of escape are rare much rare but again like in.

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