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In i left and i did a book called family of spies and it was made into a five hour mini series and was in new york times bestseller and i thought wow this is easy uh and i quit my job much my mother's chagrin and i went off and i thought i'll go to a prison 'cause i always wondered what happens when you put a bunch of sharks together and the bureau prison uh the head of bureau prison says i'm tired of you guys you show up when there's a riot but you don't know a slight day in day out so i said wall spend a year in a prison if you give me entree so he gave me a pass and so i'd go out 23 days and just wander round the prison and then everybody knew as reporter in that i come home from my own sanity and then go back out and until crazy that book which remains my best selling book even those published 1990 that book probably had the biggest influence in my life except for crazy uh just to see how people with criminal minds and how the prison system works it changes you forever while that's incredible incredible story all the way around this episode is sponsored by better help dot com secure convenient and affordable online counseling all councillors our license accredited professionals anything you share is confidential schedules secure video or phone sessions plus chat and tax with your therapist whenever you feel it's needed a month of online therapy often cost less than a single traditional facetoface session go to better help dot com forward slash site central and experience seven days free therapy to see if online counselling is right for you better help dot com forward slash sykes central for the last couple of courtrooms rigor of your overflew redo hawker in the show are your website where can people find the war that we've been talking about for most the show.

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