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Next week will be sharing our conversation we had dave on new year's day with bill and walter on next week's show oh yeah that was obliged that was fun as levels run everett's and may i also say happy new year happy as and also were the fact that we did the new year's morning program policy allstate showcase studio last time to do it i know i know sentimental have a great day if you to get well and to all of you as well this is chicago's very own seven twenty wgn chicago and wgnradiocom if you're an amazon echo user just say play wgn radio on tune into his five almost 501 here's dave sean with the top stories and we have a little light snow 14 of ball video here a string of robberies involving the internet more from wg ends roger battered chicago police are looking for two men who robbed and in one case sexually assaulted people after meeting them under the guise of buying or selling something from an internet at through such robberies were reported within a little more than a week in the eight hundred block of you stand street roger radish wgn news wabash between harrison and balbo is closed after ice covered an old fashioned fire escape on a high rise building with ice falling on the street and sidewalk building management officials are working to get rid of it the deep freeze that followed a massive east coast snowstorm should begin to lessen as temperatures ejup and climb past freezing next week national weather service meteorologist patrick burke says the temperatures this morning however could hit record lows from south carolina two main but he says the wind will not be as powerful and it will be warmer by afternoon in many areas that also holds true for us we can expect a high i too day of twenty nine will have the full forecast in a moment a.

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