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Why am I going negative here? Got Steve Phillips on. I appreciate that no need to bring up. Bobby Baena MO VAUGHN Jerry West on. But how good you have to be that you're the most valuable player in the NBA finals and you lose and you're in the NCAA final four. You're the most outstanding player and you lose as well so jerry will join US coming up next. Our phone calls are welcome. We settle on a poll question or something different. This hour mclovin okay. We have a couple different options we did. We did the first hour. Nba Players Or. Would you want your family there? People said For whatever reason poly to this question with the Lance Armstrong documentary out there and Barry Bonds? We talked about last hour. Who will history treat the harshest overtime Barry Bonds Lance Armstrong Houston Astros? I'm not sure all the astros are in there. Yeah okay now. It's like a they cheated. Ra we move on. Lance Armstrong is still Lance Armstong. I have no idea why he agreed to do this documentary part of it because he has no self awareness. It is amazing to him but then I wonder if he ever had self-awareness because he's not helping his his Co. caused his case if he's trying to ingratiate himself he's not doing a good job at all in bonds was like this. We understood that this is who bonds was bonds. Wasn't trying to be your friend he didn't Care Lance. It feels like can't understand why you don't admire him or you don't want him to be your friend or whatever approach. You may have our thoughts about that. Lance doesn't have self awareness during this documentary. Doesn't come off. Well I think bonds probably will be treated harshest because it was baseball. I mean we we sort of care. The reason why Lance Armstrong hurts a little bit more to people is we feel. We reduced by live strong. We feel we rebuked by his story him win in the Tour de France. We didn't care about the Tour de France. But then lance one and all of a sudden we went the last time you locked in and went. Can't wait to watch the Americans in the Tour de France..

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