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The will of that i mean he could get on the phone with someone but he no he got to be asking a player like ankle adults take the veterans edgy a huge echo even for edge oh i i again i think w for cavaliers with the biggest hit the even right now all the controversy watery given out leg injury jobs at jr uh you know abroad could get on the froze what he can't change the fact that they're capped out even without audubon i think that it could work out this offseason the fact they've already struck sorts party part of the rules strict it could saguy out of the southern them from going out there and kind of aching igloos what else you know it's funny sogara's ron nadkarni lbw look at hindsight i guess l abroad does leave next summer to go to the la lakers are something we'll try to read the tea leaves the baby letsie chinalike dropped the breadcrumbs wasn't there are the report that someone told paul george it's not to come to the cavaliers in that person may or may not as bit lebrun james was that dollar report that came out a couple of weeks ago it was pretty funny uh raw were also talking about some other eastern conference teams a team that i know that you are a feel very highly the finally at highly about is the miami heat obviously year miami native but also boston both making their pitches for gordon hayward i mean you know signs at fenway a side hustle on whites on tweeting out you know pictures the beach put all that aside if you're to guests you know if you had the gandhi your had proverbial gone to your head where do you think hayward is going decide if it's not boston then what do they do this is such a question ghenda my head i read our again just talked a lot of multiple reports have like i think miami is a little bit ahead of boss out there it's just so i mean you heard a lot about the meeting we haven't heard of our about the celtics meeting so former i will say they were hit by image for a were you know.

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