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It's i guess a documentary. I don't know if it's a documentary. But it feels that way bo burnham and he is i don't know how to describe him a comedian performer. But i'm i'm mystified entrenched with how what he does on this special on. Netflix bo. burnham is his name. He's been around awhile. I think. Probably the last decade or so that you've probably heard or seen something he's done. He's thirty years of age. But he has a special that mic love in the The french kid told me about. And i started watching it i went. I don't know what this is. But it's different than anything i've ever seen. Yeah club so he shot the whole thing by himself in his corentin. That's what's so unique. So he's set up guy right. I think he packs houses and he tried to do a stand up routine on his own. It's very odd music. He sings light. Show how it's framed and he did everything on his own. Yeah he got his start. He was on a two thousand eleven comedy central show called stand up showdown in one. That got a little notoriety and But just been plugging away since. Then it's fascinating it really. Is there some funny funny stuff in there. A couple of phone calls in here on this topic kevin ohio. Hi kev. what's on your mind. I dan how are you good sir. Good yeah the question. I had is giving the situation at the naval academy Would that give. Nfl team second thought about drafting anybody from the academy. Not knowing if they're going to get permission to defer their their military career sure. Thank malcolm perry. I thought was spectacular at the naval academy dot. I voted for him for heisman trophy. I think i put him second on my list or third but he got a an opportunity to play for the miami. Dolphins keenan reynolds got a chance to play for the ravens. But they got that opportunity. I mean perry had nine catches last year at least got a chance to play. He's a backup but former quarterback. I agree i would go into this going. I'm not quite sure not quite sure if i'm going to draft somebody because you're not quite sure you can get somebody as a free agent. I don't know if i'd use a draft pick david in texas. Hi david hey. Dan thanks for taking my call. I'm a retired navy. Diver and i was schools coordinator for Divers seals. And i think i can shed some light at least on the enlisted side and you could probably draw some parallels from so i would take applications from people who are already in. Maybe working jobs like cooks or mechanics but wanted to go into one of my programs and i got authorization to take those people from their detailer. Cook detail the mechanic detailer because our programs had higher demand we were in the middle of a bunch of conflicts. So the only people i couldn't touch were nukes. 'cause they were deemed to be just as critical as us. And because this fellow is an information technology. If you look what's going on today with all the ransomware somewhere attacks. That's that's where our national risk is right now so in my opinion it's just as simple as it's his job. Okay well thank you. Thank you david. Thank you for your services. Well james in nebraska. Hey james yeah. Hi dan thanks..

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