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Poor john or jon but yeah jim helpers smug glance at the camera's not going to help you hear john joe manchin yellow did it mansion yellow and finally oscar isaac versus sack ephron i probably think zack ephron would win in a mudfight but i think i'm giving it to oscar is like anyway because he would turn it out i believe that round three our top eight the question is rich man would bake me the moist est chocolate cake to steal meinhard with match one jake gyllenhaal versus sterling k brown sterling k brown sorry i don't think jake gyllenhaal nossa this around an oven next alexander skarsgard versus tom hardy who would bake cake i think it's going to be tom hardy have you seen the pictures of him with like a dog and his nudes talking about cake am i right tom hardy chris evans versus henry cavill chris evans i want to say henry cavill personally but he's british and i don't think he could make himself a cake he has butlers for that chris evans he's put his dick in a cake before chris evans wins the round and finally joe manchin yellow and oscar isaac oscar is like yet again i know but imagining joe with an apron i feel like he really would just like do such a good gentle job of like making sure that each ingredient is measured out just right and he put it all together and i think he'd do a really good job i think oscar might get like he might mess up and then he'll get like a little bit angry and then he'll just get really frustrated and i don't think joe gets frustrated you know you know what i agree you've convinced me and i love oscar isaac.

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