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Well you for your customers but I have no expertise in your market so that would also be a bad idea to to let us look for someone to help you that. Not Not an expert on on this on the other side air technical aspects that you can also seasonally just create useless stories and look for a company like ours that are able to provide technical assistance and coding really interesting I was asking specifically because I have this strange experience when I tried to offer certain things about helping trade first of all the lending all by myself so I am confirming what you said before that you don't need expertise to create the website or the content for that because I was used as well capable of doing it myself because of the reason that identified one to spend time on that on the other hand I tried also to all sorts tasks in my experience with that was that some things went smooth and some not at all fit. was something very technical way. You just need certain switches to be turned on essentially for the webpage all the platform itself. Sure you can outsource it. That's work of maybe few lines of code and if a guy knows what he's doing he will find himself very easily and we'll do too but if it's something that actually requires you to understand everything about it or content creation for example one work with other facetime with the person sitting opposite you and actually getting the wipe about the platform itself in my case. Or what is your purpose. Would you see going the entire thing vision mission. What is your business accomplishment that you're wishing for their harvest thing about that as if your declined demand problems that you don't know what you need? That's the biggest problem because it's easy to to create something. It's easy to set up ver- Press Webpage and just have it look good but the other problem is your webpage alone is not going to achieve your goals. So if your goal is to Get a certain reach organic reach for example. You just don't put up a website and expect the website to on rank position one on Google for highly competitive Keyword prices if you had. I've known this and told the developer. Okay I want to achieve this. I want to gain you leads. He could have told you. Okay I'm I'm a developer. I don't know what to do so that would be helpful. That's also big part of what I do with our clients before we start project. I put in a a lot of time. I'm paid time to find out. Okay what do they actually want to achieve. Because for most of them a webpage or let's let's say if they wanted to develop a certain tool and software service project they usually don't know for themselves. Okay what are the biggest challenges purpose for me. What would be the minimum viable product for example and after I know what they want I can tell them? Okay those are the things you I need. And then they can decide and sometimes the project will become too big and they wanted to cut off the budget and then we can decide. Okay what parts of your wishes or which of your wages are not going to be part of the first worship the minimum viable product. So that's really helpful. We fade it at those those things in the beginning to because in the beginning I thought okay customer wants this and then he's going to get this and we are going to be well this and in the and he was not happy in though he got exactly what he paid for. That's the paradox is a paradox. I saw big projects failing because wave of consultants going in for the client. They gain the understanding because they for example pre study projects and then they just handed over to executive orders of the project and when they had the better look for example the technical issues behind or the entire setup architecture etcetera they realize that the essential thing that you try to cheer is not possible in that framework. We have to adapt it and that leads to a lot of discrepancies between the client. And then you as delivery lead or responsible for the project. I think that's one of the major mistakes which happens in a consulting. Oh thank you don't have the same person which listened to the client being the same person who executes on behalf of decline than yeah because the one consulting wants also to want to decide. What's the exact outcome? And sometimes that's not possible for example if you work with wordpress work with a lot of different third party systems and and you don't know what they're going to be like what options today per wired. Are they compatible within each one and there are lots of different decisions that need to be done by the developer. So the best way to approach this is to name certain goals and to give some freedom to the executioner to decide for himself. What's what's the best way to do it for example if if we talk about a website performance you could told me okay? I need a caching. And it. Catching my webpage place implement that that might be a lot of work and that might lead to little increase and speed but on the other hand if you told me okay. I'm this is my budget. The developer decides which actions will lead to the biggest outcome smallest budget. He can decide for himself. Okay what is he going to do in your in your situation and he can decide for your ultimate goal an increase in performance. That's the way it's more ideal work off. Undoing doing pray management that will lead to better results do know Pareto principle twenty eighty eight proved so right in so far my career up until now it is incredible. If you go for the low hanging fruits at the very beginning it will cost you the least but the outcome is is the greatest to begin with. And then you have the essential eighty percent of effort for the last twenty percent of the results to deliver. Do you see that also in your work a lot so much I also tell my class about a system because you usually they have those expectations. I'll tell them okay. For example if we only reach eighty percent of what you want in January we can decrease is your budget by a fifth. So why not doing that. especially if you're trying something if you have ninety you don't know upfront if there's going oh into work out well and you want to fail fast and you want to fail without losing that much money so better start with a small version with us is more product tacit on with with customers and after that you can increase your budget and reach a higher level on what you initially wanted by absolutely agree. I finally really Nice never worked for small company as as yours. I don't mean discriminating company small usually working for also also working for a smaller companies and low preneurs. So that's more. What do we do right now? I really like the way your approach is. I think very very healthy approach and especially because it's really clientcentric and this is shifted eyesore also in the digital world finally trying to understand the real issues of the declined that before they tried to sell anything and making the decision that you client. You think you know what you want but the reality check says that the Chiba will that you're trying to get. It will cost you this much. We propose something else. I ready to listen to it. And for that there is incremental increase in whatever you want to achieve maybe in a difference fear or we can help you with different goal instead nevertheless the fruits are there at the end of the day. And you should realize that but then requires a real discussion and eye-opening discussion the client. Sometimes the client is already. It's also reality because they're also political factors going in especially big rain police but on the other hand I think in your position Shen have kind of like a sweet spot. You have the opportunity to listen to the client client also kind of has to listen to you and you can deliver a great results because of that. We all started to turn down projects we don't fully believe in or when when we know from the beginning. Okay that's not going to work our we we won't we're for for this project because on one side we are going to get paid because we work our on our on the other hand. If I know that this is is not going to work out and just not doing this project because I want our customers to be happy to to receive full William of what we do and I come through that if someone wishes something. I can't new. I think there's additional value being authentic about your own work. You know what you can deliver. You do not over promise which is again one of the failing factors when doing delivering? It projects. And I liked very much so joe thank you much time we are coming to an end. Unfortunately is anything else you would like to share it to our listeners. A little not edible. Next time all right how can people would reach out to just look for my website. If you have an idea just call me and we talked about it. Great Allah make sure to share your links on our block our posts and surgery once again. Thank you very much for you coming over and talking to me it was pleasure. Thank you for watching me. We'll talk of of course after the PODCAST. Thank you have a great day until our listeners. Thank you for listening and stay tuned for the next episode. See you later gouge out..

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