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All of that money that's raised by sp one the gas tax is spent specifically on transportation and that's the the cause behind it there's a lot of politics behind that that particular measure because there are some folks who say this is convenient because josh newman's facing a recall and perhaps people will go in the lock box vote there and they can say oh hey i support the gas tax i support as be one right i'm going to vote for that and also vote for josh newman or against it and also this could impact seeing a proposition to repeal the gas tax in november which is not a guarantee but it is in all likelihood going to be on the ballot in november you know politicians are or anybody in the political game are it man if john and ken has a target on your back it turns your life upside down i could see why that would that would be problematic for folks there are there are hundreds of thousands of people who today know who josh newman is without who never heard the name before and now they know a lot about him and and he's gotta be feeling the sting every time he drives around he hears his name on the radio and real negative things said about him real negative things or real positive things depending on what you're listening to when you're listening to but here's the other thing to think about when it comes to the josh newman is that he's running against recall in his race tonight but he's also running in a district that has a big congressional race because ed royce decided that he was not going to run again which means we have an open primary there's no incumbent in that seat in district which means a lot of democrats are interrelated and they wanna come out and vote against trump and in doing so they're likely going to support newman.

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