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Listening to the AP digital news network. The long awaited sequel the frozen coming and singer and actress Adina Menzel leads today's birthday roundup frozen two's, coming out in November a guaranteed blockbuster, except maybe in Menzel zone home quantity. Mommy and in her movie. But one day think I'm cool, right? Menzel talking with entertainment tonight. She's forty eight a new documentary about boxing great. Muhammad ALI'S coming out on HBO from director, Antoine few what he makes me feel inspiration. He also makes me feel an adequate chief, so much so young he was gonna retire. I think it was thirty eight or something he was retired Ukwa and last call with Carson Daly, he's fifty four and last week's live broadcast of a classic episode of the jeffersons included, Stephen kobetski, as Mr. Bentley. He's also on the net flicks. Relaunch of one day at a time, which he says, is brought him before a whole new audience. My Twitter has blown up to stop the word that the young kids are using. Allow ski on US TV he's sixty eight and that's our birthday round up for may thirtieth. I'm Bob Kessler a minor league baseball team in California is apologizing to congresswoman Alexandria custody. Cortez AP's Jackie Quinn reports. It aired a video during a game over the weekend, where her image was lumped in with some well-known dictators. He's known for being progressive and outspoken, like at her inaugural address in February unafraid to speak truth to power to stick to our done, but congresswoman Alexandria. Oh, Cossio Cortez tweeted that when organizations air. These hateful messages, her life changes because of the flood of death threats. They inspire the Fresno grizzlies have apologized for a scoreboard video billed as a Memorial Day tribute. It was filled with patriotic images with excerpts of President Reagan's first speech, but at the end when Reagan mentions enemies of freedom, the video showed congresswoman Oko Cortez, along with North Korea's leader. And. Then Fidel Castro. I'm Jacky Quin. I'm Rita Foley with an AP newsmen at what now lead. Russia investigator, Robert Muller says his investigation did not exonerate. President trump. House speaker Nancy Pelosi has so far discouraged Democrats from demanding impeachment. But now says we are on a path that we would hope that it that if it is justified to impeach meant that it would be clear to the Senate as well. The Senate is mainly Republican two thirds of it would have to vote for impeachment in order for there to be conviction. White House press secretary, Sarah Sanders. There was no collusion. There was no conspiracy, and we consider this case closed. We have been told the during the president's recent visit to Japan, the White House told the navy to keep the USS John McCain out of the president's site. President Trump feuded with the late Senator McCain publicly for years. And at one point mocked, his military service this morning acting Defense Secretary, Patrick Shanahan says these news reports of the first he's heard of this, he's promising to look into it. I'm.

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