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And so they're different types of love. And so the type of love that I have for my son of forty six years. It's totally that the type of love I've have for my man, you know, definitely know, the different types of love and know, how to walk in expect appropriate expectations of that type of love because what I find it, especially with parents, I wrote a book for parents raising males because sometimes single mothers, raise the males. We we get get it all wrong, and we try our son's like he's our man. And that we don't allow him to become a man. So then he's no. Good for no one man because he hasn't strengthened that man muscle. As you will. It's really important to understand what lane that you are in in the type of love that you are expressing. You know, you mentioned that's very important to me right now. I'm raising my first baby. Boy. Okay. And you know, you wanna you wanna smother them love. But you know, they're baby right now. So it's okay. They need a feel that love for you. What? What bonded definitely? And I mean that does that does about God. Right. It does baby's development very well field out motherly and parent bonds. But what does the main mistake that we make as mothers as our child grows up a little more, you know, turning in who. We don't allow them to become men. And so when they get to the age, and I would say it's really right around puberty that they begin to stretch and wanted navigate the world as a young, man. And so we don't allow them to make decisions we don't allow them to have voice allow them to stand up for themselves. And so they may become weak. They always run back, Camara. And you've heard her mom's go, you woman really wants a man to run her house that in order for him to do anything. He has to ask 'cause model. Yeah, we allow the man to stand on his own two feet. So I remember my son when he was seventeen it was the issue with him and his coach and it had my oh my goodness. My blood was balling, and I was getting ready to go up there and tell the coach off and my son just quietly said to me mom, you need to let me handle this. Because if you. Come up here and tell him off or whatever you're gonna go back home. I'm still gonna have to deal with him as my coach so allowed to deal with and so I think that that's a hard place for a lot of mothers to move from being the supervisor the protector the do everything to the just simply supporter. You know? And that's great that you you obviously had a relationship with your son that he could, you know, stand up to him be like mom, let me take care of this. But sometimes parents are overwhelming overprotect yet over every. Yeah. And it scares you. You don't even I I mean, you know, I might tiled hood was somewhat like that very overprotective. And there were certain things that I was even scared to ask my parents just because I was scared the way they would react to it. You know what I mean? Simple as not being able to have sleepovers. I wouldn't even wanna ask my parents have I can go to my friend's house. 'cause I assumed already that the answer was no I already knew the answer was though. So it was like, you know, why even bother having a certain relationship with your parents, more of a friendship or bonds. And when it's kind of more of a like, you said supervisor overprotection and things like that that kinda get you as a teenager. You look at your parents, not the bad guys. But just not your friends. You know what I mean? 'cause they love him with them. They take care of you is they're just not your closest friends. How does one not commit that mistake with their own? You know what I mean? Well, one of the things that I suggest to people is that you need to be an example for your children, especially in the team use of real life. And what I mean by that is that they need to see you beyond just as their parent because you are boarded that appear at your sister..

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