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Take from deep within. I gotta go fake. I also wouldn't like being put on a group test at four in the morning thinking that would jeff van gundy start one at six in the morning. I don't think so. Does i think this is a classic jeff gandhi. Yeah mark. Jackson wanted to bring it up in front of people try to embarrass him and say he's doing at six. Am starting group. Chat with mike breen. Mike brings calls and just the way they said. What are we doing here. That's a mock jackson as well. So i do feel this one's real. I think this one. And i think again a. me wanted to get a little bit more bangui's back on this episode. So go real real. Oh man right down to me again. You guys are split leaning towards real as well. It is like like you're saying spot on i will say a mere didn't lean into the mark jackson. The nation on that one test gave a lot more lot more to the lamar scream than is mark jackson. But i'm like literally racking my brain trying to remember this to you. Know national kim. Pelicans lee high which i can't. I can't remember it boy. i don't know man. I guess. I guess i lean towards real though i do i. Could we be seeing. Just a bunch of reels. Here all reels. Yeah maybe this shakes wong in their whole. That's tough man. That's a tough one definitely. Sounds like a disagreement. They would have and dave pasch like you're not getting anything from like. He's he's kind of a straight man there and you're i just a bystander. The conversation almost so. I don't know i'm happy. I'm happy to vote with the crew. Here going real but mark me down for fake. I hope we got two votes for real tests. Trae thinks that we might be wrong once again. You what's what's the answer. That looks like we lost task. But i will tell you the answer. The answer is this you favorite when you talk to jeff han. I was in my third dream last night. Sleeping comfortably at four. Am this do text me. Are you kidding me at four. Am puts me in a group text. What what are you doing what are we doing. I'm trying to get my sleep on. I got work. Can i ask what the tax was in regard to. Here's a change for three. No good it was a group text with mike breen involved. Basically recognizing youtube video about mike and his bank calls and a legendary calls. We understand his greatness. But not at foyer. Mr van gundy six. Am for jeff. But you're right still. What's he doing up at six looking at youtube videos. I like green and mike obviously might respond to right away. We'll jesus more humble. Mike nice.

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