President Trump, Bernie Sanders discussed on Did She Say That with Sonnie Johnson - Don't Neglect the Democrats


Is that it becomes normalised by each step like at the point now where we have normalised preexisting conditions as something that the government should cover you're not gonna who's won a fight that now no politician is gonna fight that now the president is inviting fighting now nobody's wanna fight then now now that has become normalised at still a former socialism that's why they want us to do it and progressive steps because by the time they get the power in place and make the switch we're already comfortable with everything that they're doing that makes is a seamless transition now to other faction is the bernie sanders fashion they would throw us into the venezuelan model within one presidential term given the chance i don't think they're bernie sanders will be the leader of it but they had a people's summit this past week in where they get all the progresses together all bernie i all it uh that that far left wing sat in a party to get them all together and bernie stood in front of them and call for a fundamental change within the democratic party the socialists remember burning never claimed to be a democrat birmanie claim is a selfprofessed democratic socialists a socialist coming in now and say we need a fundamental change within a democratic party so you have onesided apply it says we need our mask unless the american people are going to get uncomfortable and our poverty and they're not gonna like this shape.

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