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Yeah absolutely I yeah. I think i think nine hundred five king is my favorite. If we're doing any drafting right now. Nineteen ninety-five is winning so far bonking all the points. Oh absolutely But yeah he. He's got that nobleness about him. And i think it played very well in the nineteen ninety five version because you had the characters being very distinct so you could. You could imagine how they would play off each other. So he didn't come off as so fractious. Because you had the balancing flavors of johnny cage's willa sonya blade right Let's move onto. Johnny cage played by linden ashby. And then we have chris conrad and annihilation. Joe maceio In scorpions avenge. And i don't believe he's in the twenty twenty one vision. No tease of the end of the twenty two and then So how did you feel about the nineteen ninety five. John cage thing care for him because i felt like the story revolved rightly sore on lee. Hang and wanted it to be that so any other character. They always just a bonus ball. If i had to pick a favorite it would be and skopje's revenge. I think that was the best portrayal of johnny cage today. Yeah absolutely and we love. Joe mchale with his. Hi buck crap. Yeah i find in almost all of these films that we've watched. There's always a transfer of one particular character baying the comic relief and unfortunately when you're going with bailey dimension comic relief means one liners and johnny cage. Was that in one thousand nine hundred five like i could have done without him I didn't even find it. Satisfying funny when. He fell with his For design of luggage off the boat when they first get to the island i just. I didn't careful johnny cage. But then i also knew that was the sort of character that he was as well what i did like about it though was at least he could fight so at least he gets. Some sort of credence is somewhere right. Yeah true speaking about credence is. Let's talk about shang song. Play by who you gonna. We have archive footage and annihilation butler in scope and chin-han in the two thousand twenty one version. How did you feel about shang song in the ninety nine vision i feel accused defeated a bit too easily. Oh absolutely a regardless of lee can being you know one of the best of luck. He brings a lot more to the table. And that's why he's the rajon mansion shao kahn. You know he wouldn't speak some some jingling idiot and that's all i thank you sort of portrayed as in this that we know his powers from the game play at not coming into this movie fresh with know everything about these characters to some extent some are some are going well for my perspective and that's why it's called for your reference mate and and to me as like i expected more from him not to be defeated. I easily but we did get some moments was calling for. Because when i was watching this i was thinking all men. Are we going to get to see. Louis can do some of the stuff that we know he can do. Now we go those moments. I'll wait to easily baugh shagman. He's his just his batas he. He's supposed to be bad ass where told he's bad as point you to one of the final scenes in the nineteen ninety five film way talks about capturing a thousand souls and there were like five the focus on bringing me out be like. Where is everyone else supposed to be. This.

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