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Park. West. You really wanted this assignment, right? Len. Oh, yes. I volunteered for this. Not knowing the forecasts, of course, Lee. But we'll talk about that later. We just got an update from Macy's a few minutes ago from their officials were the balloons in. Here's the deal if you're just tuning in this morning here are a regular coverage. We do every year on ten ten wins. They will have the balloons in the parade. There's no concern about having them in there. The question is how long they can stay inflated because of the temperature. So the winds. Yes. A factor for the temperature so-called they had to keep shooting helium back into these balloons here to make sure that they'll be able to fly. So that'll be the issue. We'll be watching. But in terms of the floats, they go no matter what. And there's some new ones. Let's hear from Macy's executive producer Susan Terceira, actually, showing off five floats. So we have splashing safari adventure by Kalahari resorts and conventions. We have all pets by up on the shelf. We have rise to the teenage mutant ninja turtles we have a brand. New Tom Turkey float, and we have been tastic chocolate factory by Kendra. In fact, Tom Turkey returning this year Lee is on the move actually just moved them about a block from right in front of the museum. Natural history. Two blocks out there where I am here at seventy seven so Thomas all ready to go. Hope you are too. And we'll look for you out here. Gwen shock ten ten wins for live. The start of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade band. Speaking of Tom, this is a good day to come in out of the cold and get a thanksgiving dinner. And as always the Salvation Army will be serving them up today for the needy in the past we served about eight hundred so we're in two thousand this year. That's from the one meal throughout the city. We have some other interest going on the weakest thanksgiving all told we will serve about fourteen thousand individuals just for thanksgiving. That's major lane. Johnson of the Salvation Army. Thanksgiving dinner will the beginning at eleven o'clock at headquarters on fourteenth street, if you're headed out to the Macy's parade better dress for the occasion, this team was telling us Wendy very cold today, despite the sun temperatures in the low twenty s and a real feels in the single digits during the parade. Good news looks like we're going to be able to get the balloons up at least as regards the win. The helium is another matter. Twenty one degrees now, clear skies humidity. Thirty eight percent wins north west of fifteen they're gusting to twenty five twenty one. We're going up to twenty seven. He AccuWeather real feel is six wins. News time six oh six. Amtrak blaming a mechanical problem for two cars, separating on a New York City bound train near Albany last night. Helen crane was aboard with a few hundred other holiday, travelers all of a sudden, we started hearing, a strange noise. And when I look back I saw sparks. She says somebody went for the emergency brake. He pulled it.

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