Congressman Crenshaw, Bernie Sanders, Omar discussed on Joe Walsh


TV. Based on their country of origin or to shoot up in this country, and the speech is spliced with planes hitting the twin towers on nine eleven and he ended the says when the never forget. This is insights. A congresswoman alarm. No, it's not I don't believe that he took it down. But I don't believe that the incitement to violence argument begins an ends with Bernie Sanders and the nut that tried to kill every member of congress really did almost kill Steve Scalise. I do not blame Bernie Sanders. I do not blame anyone for violence other than the people who perpetrate violence, the incitement violence nonsense is a diversion, but it doesn't work because Dan Crenshaw and AFC attacked him by name, Dan Crenshaw in the NBC green room has this full and complete response. Congressman Crenshaw from Texas cut number seven. All Representative Lamar have to do is. Really, explain herself say whatever she wants it. Shouldn't mean it. I don't know if the situation, but don't double down. All right. Don't play the victim part of making accusations at me, I just think that was that was uncalled for and this is this is this is the height of partisanship. But we just come together and. Properly soon that we should not diminish the accident eleven by by seeing things like some people do something. Okay. That's not what happened, and we should come together and take, you know, the most disappointing things of this entire controversy that have seen again, these members from New York customer tests max rose trying to deflect the attention from Omar by attacking me, claiming that I'm not for nine eleven first responders. This is a really dishonest attack play call. I am four nine eleven victims responders. I'm the guy went overseas to make sure this never happened. Again, take the fight to the enemy that committed these tests. I would go back into every day. If I could say that kind of tactic that is the partisanship. I'm really disappointed them for saying, especially the last guy to attack or gal to attack in congress over Omar's comments is Dan Crenshaw.

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