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I would like to five. And I was like, well, if I was like two thirty to twenty and a little bit leaner and stuff pie, make the difference I'm looking for and you know, and I would maybe be able to be a professional wrestler. So I gave it a go. I got really good shape. I went from I every time when it's natural. Every time I went above like to ten, I would get kinda fat. It was hard for me to maintain anything above that, but I would be sometime between two fifteen to twenty. But once I started creeping up over that to fifteen Mark sometimes to ten Mark depending. Yeah, just would start to, you know, not look as lean, not look as good, and so I just couldn't at the time. I didn't have enough knowledge. I don't think either to really figure it out. And I think with just more knowledge, I would have not figured out with. Thout ever messing with stuff, but the ever took anything I had apps before ever took anything. You know, I was fast. I was at letting it was, you know, a lot of things I could do when I was at Westside barbell before ever took anything. I did a five hundred pound floor press, which is, you know, benchpress reliant on the floor, your elbows, touch ground and you press the weight back up. So it wasn't like it wasn't like it wasn't able to do shit without it. I was strong and I was still heading direction. I think I pulled six thirty five and I did so in a meat. I think I've pulled six thirty three win one ninety. Eight actually competed at one idea at one point, but all that was before I ever before ever dabbled in me thing. And as a side, note the the dark side came about when I met the first time. The dark side came about, we call the dark side. I don't know why we. That's what we call it more powerful. Yeah. Cool. Yeah. Yeah. The dark side came about soon after I'll just leave it at that soon after meeting our boy big will and you know that that was that was something where it was like, I kinda wanted to do them and you know, he and I had conversations about it and then I kinda just messed around with it back then. And at that time I didn't like it at that time. It was like, you know, this isn't for me. I did it for a little while actually didn't really notice that great of of results off of it. I was like, I'm just going to stick to my trans, stick to my eating and not really gonna mess around this stuff anymore. And so I stopped. And then I ended up going back to it like maybe year two later once I got kind of deeper into pro wrestling is when I started mess with more. And then I think the pro wrestling thing was kind of like my way of saying that I wanna do, but I didn't wanna say that I wanted to do just for lifting purposes. So the wrestling was like a nice excuse, but really I just wanted to to powerlift ultimately, that's that's kind of what it came down to..

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