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Ride Gers of casualty insurance company in billiards. A court in France, wrapping up the trial against Alexander Vinick, who's accused of using software attacks in a $160 million fraud using the Bitcoin 41 year old Russian is also wanted in the United States and Russia. He faces up to 10 years in prison in France over charges of extortion, Money laundering and criminal association. Siri's of attacks on French businesses and organizations between 2016 and 2018 lead to 20 victims paying ransom demands issued in Bitcoin, one of the more widely used crypto currencies. Its correspondent Jeremy House, United Nations says the two sides in Libyan military talks reaching an historic achievement. With a permanent cease fire agreement across the war torn country. However, skepticism over whether that agreement would hold began emerging almost immediately. Breaking news and analysis a tile hall dot com. A high school student, is suing his central Florida school district after his parking pass was revoked when he refused to remove a large elephant painting statue. In the bed of his pickup. That statue painted to promote President Trump. Army Navy football game will have a new home this year annual contest will move from Philadelphia to West point in December because of attendance limits placed on outdoor events in Pennsylvania. By playing the game on Army's home field in New York, the entire brigade of Midshipmen and Corps of Cadets will be able to attend. The game scheduled for December. 12th. This will be the first time the Army Navy game will be played at a homesite since Army hosted the event in 1943 during World War two. Rhonda Rocks Tre reporting Game three of the world's Siri's Dodgers over the raise 6 to 2 Los Angeles leads the Siri's 2 to 1 more of these stories at townhall dot com. The following takes nothing evaluated by the Marine trials tested mild symptoms. Testimony was based on 90 days Keeps resulting IRA us knew of 52 Weeks by U P. C. Hi, I'm Marylou Retin and I want to talk to you about something, and I haven't liked to talk about until now, my menopause all my life..

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