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On by conservative candidates backed by former italian premier silvio berlusconi have picked up some key wins in the final round of italy's local elections bloomberg's kevin castillo has the story they included the cities of general and verona according to projections the wins show a resurgence in support for the euro barrow scorn eight meanwhile former premier matteo rienzie ra was heading to some setbacks in the italian local elections in a key test before italian national elections next year kevin castelo bloomberg daybreak europe rome and in germany spd leader martin schulz has put you as president donald trump at the center of his campaign against chancellor angela merkel before september's bundestag elections 'bluebox patrick donahue reports he said the chance for was soft on trump calling the us president erratic at a social democratic party conference in dortmund short went on the attack trying to save his party's struggling effort to unseat macro in september the spd is some fifteen points behind miracles christian democrat rats in the polls after donahue bloomberg daybreak europe dortmund global news 24 hours a day powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries are marcus kalsan this is bloomberg guy thanks focus offended by under a formula one making the headlines his townsend lewis hamilton says eh form title rivals tabassi inveklos a disgrace after the ferrari driver drove into his mercedes at the as advice young girl pray while leading hamilton was behind the safety car the german bullets into the vacuum before pulling up and driving in side he's punish with a 10second stopandgo penalty and ultimately finished fourth one place ahead of the britain hamilton denied vessels accusation he he would break testing him labeling the reaction disgusting a note spokesman's conduct england cricketer davut milan says he hopes eastern enough to stay in the twenty side he smashed seven t h on his debut to help seal a two one series victory over south africa and take him the manofthematch award at cardiff that twenty nine years old been called up to the squad before on throwing might never play for england british tennis player down evans does he provisional drugs ban today he tested positive for cocaine april barcelona open spain's feliciano lopez is the queen's club champion this morning a b merrin chile in three sets in west london patrick evita when the birmingham class sake just his second tournament since being stabbed in december and british.

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