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Second hour of today's show Robin green is here discussing her memoir the, only girl my life and times on the masthead of Rolling Stone and we'll take a look at how Italian prosecutors teamed up with women from families to, bring down the bosses of. The infamous Calabrian. Mafia with Alex Perry author of the. Good mothers I'm Nancy Giles we'll be right back after the news Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Shay Stevens Canada's foreign. Affairs minister is cutting short her diplomatic visit to Europe and wake of the US. Announcement of a trade understanding with Mexico as Dan carpenter tells us the US Mexico and Canada can now resume bargaining on. A revised North American Free trade agreement. President Trump held a brief, phone conversation with prime minister Justin Trudeau Ottawa described the Chatters constructive still with three country talks. Now set to resume some tough bargaining, is expected the US and Mexico agreed to a long-term sunset clause something Canada opposes Trump is against suggested possible, tariffs on Canadian auto imports in retaliation for autos tariffs on American dairy products Dan Karkin Chuck into Rondo as mourners visit makeshift memorials in Phoenix congressional lawmakers, are on both sides of. The aisle or. Honoring late Arizona US Senator John McCain Georgia Republican, Johnny Isakson says that McCain should be held in the highest regard where. Like this to elevate To their. Proper place in history and that's what I'm trying to do, John McCain today I want to elevate John John was better than me and I know it That was the best of my generation John McCain was and is a great human being Tom McCain's body of a lion state, at the US capitol building beginning Friday followed by, a private honor ceremony at the, US Naval Academy in Maryland on Sunday the former prisoner of war and two time presidential. Candidate died of brain cancer on. Saturday he was eighty one years old the White House lowered its, US, fly, to half staff after McCain, stat Saturday then raise it back. Up only lowering it again on Monday The man suspected of shooting a dozen. People and killing two at a video. Game tournament in, Florida appears to have bought his guns legally Jessica Palumbo. With member station w. j. c. t. has this update Jacksonville sheriff. Mike Williams says surveillance footage shows the suspect twenty four year old David Katz acted alone in the shooting before killing himself the FBI says cats his parents have, been fully cooperative one thing police know is he, bought two handguns a forty five, caliber and a nine millimeter from a licensed dealer one was fitted with a laser sight. Sheriff Williams says what's unclear what. Led him to target other gamers people he most likely new relationships, with, specifically, about which with which victims but this group travels as circuit So they. Are familiar with, Egypt restaurant video shows the suspect walked past several patrons. In the pizzeria before he started shooting at the players for NPR, news I'm Jessica Palumbo in Jacksonville On. Wall Street stocks closed sharply higher on Asian market shares. Are up following gains on Wall Street on word that there is a preliminary agreement between the US and Mexico on renegotiating. NAFTA this is NPR news US Senator Chuck Schumer says he wants to rename a Senate office building for the zone and then building is currently named for Richard Russell a Georgia's Senator, the segregationist past from Atlanta station w., a. b., e. m. a. hurt has. More Richard Russell was known for his deep knowledge of Senate rules and how he used them to try to. Block civil rights legislation, but, there's more to the story says Charles Campbell Russell's last chief of staff he points to the resolution to name the Russell Senate office building saying it passed with the support of senators Ted Kennedy and Edward Brooke the only African American Senator at the time they recognize that there was far far more to Richard Russell and. His opposition civil rights legislation. Also recognize which is lost out of Senator Schumer, told NPR. News that the name change would be fitting given Russell's past that he's getting positive feedback on the idea for NPR news I'm Emma hurt in Atlanta FCC. Charity pie says he's Leased with an inspector, general's report finding that he did not show bias, towards Sinclair broadcasting. In a nearly four billion dollar offer to acquire Tribune media Sinclair had hoped to acquire Tribune's forty two TV station and cable network WGN America but the deal was scuttled after the Republican led FCC question whether. Sinclair was forthcoming about plans to sell, off some, of the stations the city. Of New York has slapped a two hundred ten thousand dollar fine against the family real estate company partially owned. By presidential adviser Jared, Kushner, the fine followed in Associated Press investigation that showed that Kushner companies routinely filed.

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