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But in the meantime, you can pay your bills eight. And so it's a win win. You need both of those things and you can do both of those things at the same time. People do it every day. I also wanna throw a question for him to you. Okay, great. This is also kind of we don't know what the relationship is like, but it's dad and son. They've invested in this like both of put time in money in this. He's made this commitment to move across the country living with dad and give it a shot on top of what we've just said here with a deadline. What other conversations is he need to be having with dead. That'll help with some boundaries, some clear expectations. Well, I think I think you need to align on mutual goals in a mutual goal, for example, would be, we wanna get this profitable. We wanna get this making x. amount of dollars, that type of thing. However, there should be some really interesting conversations of how you get to that goal. Meaning that generation the way that his dad does things. He may think this is the only way to get to that goal and so son coming in, hey, what if we try? Some new things may not go over really well. So you're gonna have some interesting conversations, but if you want something different than what you've always gotten, you've got to do something different than what we've always done, and that can be difficult for that owner founder to change their ways. You know? So we see that a lot with family businesses screw device right there from Christie alignment. Make sure you two are aligned in this new season. This period where you've put a deadline. Okay. Let's see if we can make this win, triple eight, eight to five, five, two, two, five is a number. Let's go to Richard is on the line in Houston, Texas, Richard huckabee'll. I'm glad are on today. I'm going to interview for a franchise tomorrow and I wanna know what questions to ask. Oh, that's great. D- mind sharing with one building works. It's in the evening, and I will just basically supervise my employees, but I'm keeping my daytime job until my nighttime business equals my salary during the day. And then once I get that consistently that I'm gonna drop down the part time during the day until I get to one point seven, five of my original salary consistently. Okay. So would you the the model of this? I'm not familiar with that company, the model this would you would then be an owner a franchise on her? Correct. Okay. Yeah. So I love. I love your question. What questions to ask them here? Few things. I'm just gonna. Make these up on the fly here. Certainly ask around values, what are their business values? What are their operational values that's going to be important for you to know Richard because you're going to be the operator of this franchise and you don't wanna operate something that's perpendicular to your personal values. So I would just dig their, you know what? What are things that are important to them? What are things that they stand for? And it sounds like fluffed ask a mission statement or values, but it's incredibly insightful because why you do business and the values in which you operate affects even really tactical things like your policies and your customer.

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