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Uc are me i've seen a lot negative a lot of positive and the reputation coach tries against the have is just ignore the noise in ordinary is on the outside and i feel like us what small myself ally other players have been doing this glycated nor in the noise and just keep our folks on what we've been doing all year and that's prepared higher studying our opponent getting ready mentally and physically for the big game progress caskey the new england patriots are certainly was a lot of noise in foxborough last week we continue here on nfl pre getting ready for the divisional rounds while humorous ice and scot graeme and our studios in new york game two of our saturday double header has those new england patriots the number one overall seat in the afc thirteen and three of the season taken out of tennessee titans team that had an improbable an incredible comeback in kansas city last week they won twenty two to twenty one and how they got a very tall order go in and against the very well rested patriots theme and when you say tall order it's rob krohn caskey he's a tall order because you know when travis kelsea was playing last week against the tennessee titans the kenzi cheese are moving up and down the field he got removed because of a concussion and all of a sudden that offense for kansas city was stagnant against this very talented by the way a defense of the tennessee titans think about this tom brady age forty one marcus mary oda aged twenty four will be the largest gap between starting quarterbacks and nfl postseason history brady will be making his thirty fifth playoff start marcus mario we'd making his second a playoff start patriots at home or seventeen and three under brady and bella check in the playoffs and in this the vision round they are ten and one five of those seventeen win scott seven points or less they are currently on a sixgame home win streak and.

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