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Corey garin is the new pitcher for the giants he replaces pierce johnson who took over for indies warez it's a five to lead for the pirates and gareth face david freeze then sean rodriguez in jordy mercer so here we go in the bottom of the sixth and the pitch and there's a call strike to david freeze two runs on six hits for the giants five runs on seven hits for the pirates the home run ball got the giants in this game is this is rolled out freeze to hanson is hanson gobbles it up and throws the first one out martellus two run home run in the first and then jose sooner with a pinch hit home run in the fourth so you're sean rodriguez picked up a a one out single in the fourth and that is what started the three run rally pitches high and tight one ball and no strikes ondeck mercer garron now rocks back and throws and there's a big swing and miss by rodriguez on a slider one ball in one strike rodriguez really made a name for himself as a big leaguer with with tampa and we've seen him play short second we've seen a play all over the place i the pitch there's a call strike actually he started out his career with the angels but then was with tampa for five years and played a lot next pitch at the knees strike three call rodriguez didn't think so garren with his first strikeout in here's mercer.

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