Colgate Drive, A. M., Cerialis Elementary discussed on KCBS 24 Hour News


The area of Sherman drive in Colgate drive at one twenty six A. M. when officers arrived already said they found two boys ages eleven and fourteen shot in the parking lot of Cerialis elementary's will the older boy died at the scene and the younger child died in route to the trauma center Steve Mendez is with union city police tragic to lose anybody in the community but especially you know children you know a preteen and teenage you're out in the evening and then to get got down and is extremely tragic the names of the children are not being released the shooting was the second double shooting in Union City last week early on Wednesday to men in their forties were shot in a parked car eight eight and see streets police are investigating whether the two shootings are connected and say happened roughly eight blocks apart solitary KCBS for alleged carjackers were arrested in Pleasant Hill yesterday after they crashed a stolen car the vehicle was carjacked on lone tree way in Antioch as any up police were investigating that incident the stolen vehicle was spotted by a Pittsburgh police officer on highway four headed westbound police chase the vehicle at high speeds on the south bound six eighty in Pleasant Hill the driver exited the freeway on Gregory lane and crash the car into another vehicle the suspects and fled from the disabled vehicle but were caught shortly after and all are teenagers and we're booked in to juvenile hall and police arresting at least one person and detaining several others connected to Kerr side shows Saturday night police say the driver was arrested after allegedly performing stunts on international Boulevard another vehicle was towed in several suspects were detained after allegedly throwing a bottle at police near Oakland Coliseum Oakland police spokesperson Johnna Watson says side shows in the city have often.

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