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Oh yeah and write down that title folks direct really plug in this one because it's such a good movie and you and samuel l jackson both play interesting character rod lurie wrote and directed it and you play very interesting layered characters and the story takes a couple of unexpected turns you think you know what you're watching but then maybe don't maybe somewhere else yeah i mean i i agree rod is a really talented director and writer he had at that point written and directed the contender that was that was fantastic and he had an amazing cast for that film that was joan allen jeff bridges gary oldman right it just incredible incredible film and when we signed onto this it was like a it was a very personal story for him and and we and we shot it quickly and everything came together i think really well it just didn't quite achieve audience i don't know i'm not quite sure why i never understand why some movies slip through the cracks do sometimes there are reasons you know this company went under or you know or something else happened you know or orphaned some way but this one deserved a bigger wider audience and still can get one because you can watch it that's that's the good thing of course about access now you can't see theater screen perhaps but you can you can experience the movie yeah and so it doesn't die doesn't go away.

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