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Relation with a gun to Ukraine's head Secretary of State Antony Blinken on CNN State of the Union referring to Russia's troop buildup at the Ukrainian border The Pope calls for peace in a country where Russia has already sent in some troops at his customary Sunday address to those gathered in Saint Peter's square The Pope called for dialog and justice to put an end to the violent unrest in Kazakhstan CBS has Sabina castle Franco in Rome violent protests broke out in Kazakhstan triggered by the sudden and severe increase In fuel prices An increase in COVID cases is overwhelming the nation's hospitals Hospitalizations fueled by the omicron wave are up 60% in the past week Doctor Caroline gold's wag of Cedar Sinai We've been seeing just an incredible explosion of COVID over the last few weeks The patients who are dying from COVID by and large are ones who are not vaccinated CBS is literally a Luciano reporting from New York The Los Angeles unified school district resumes classes tomorrow but first mandatory COVID testing Jan Schwartz with the advocacy group parents supporting teachers help push for that testing Everyone's trying their best to keep kids in school because at the end of the day that's the best place for kids to be is in a safe school setting No school tomorrow in the Chicago public school system Chicago teachers union unveiled a new proposal that would have remote learning start Wednesday with a plan to get students back in the classroom January 18th If CPS agrees to more COVID-19 safety measures including more testing but mayor Lloyd lightfoot shot down the idea even before the union was finished speaking releasing a statement which said in part the best safest place for kids to be as in school Terry kashner Some dangerous weather is moving in says CBS meteorologist David Parkinson It is exceptionally dangerous because it just coats everything You now get a glaze of ice on the ground and it makes walking down the street or driving down roads incredibly hazardous And that's the threat that we have for a large part of the northeast and mid Atlantic Award winning lyricist Marilyn Bergman has died.

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