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Stay connected. Stay informed. Komo news. The daylight and just seconds of not already over six thousand people downtown participating and the arthritis foundation's original jingle bell run largest jingle bell run in the country. It's become a tradition for many to get decked out and be festival racing. Raise funds and awareness to cure, America's number one cause of disability the event here rolling around about eight AM right now, and we'll continue onto about eleven AM. So some street restrictions as pretty much the center of the jingle bell run in Seattle is it was like park people. Dress up in festive holiday, attire and tie. Bill. Sitter shoes and echoes among the buildings downtown saw suppose a few people in some of the condominiums might be waking up another reason. It's so well attended it's a bloom. Stay second seed qualifier for anyone seeking entry for neck springs balloons day event in Spokane. I'm our Christopher other stories we have for you here. From the KOMO twenty four seven news center. Seattle police say they've arrested a man for allegedly robbing a business at gunpoint in Fremont this weekend. Officers say the suspect. Robert also tried to carjack several drivers before they will. They were able to take the man into custody at thirty ninth and bridge way north Seattle. Police will be releasing more information throughout out today. Police and Lynnwood trying to track down an armed robbery. He got away officers say someone robbed the beauty store near Alderwood mall and then took off on four zero five. There was a police chase for one point here. And then they decided to call it off. No one was hurt. If you know of anything you're asked to call law enforcement there in the area in Leavenworth today. The community celebrating the life of a soldier killed last month. Sergeant Leandro Joshua was killed during combat operations Naff ghanistan November twenty four th and it was his third deployment Afghantistan since enlisting in the army and twenty twelve it's funeral service will be held at eleven AM at cascade high school in Leavenworth are expecting quite a procession on highway two from east Wenatchee to Leavenworth and motorists are being advised to be patient. It could be a slow go there with the procession police continue their. Investigation of a fight that broke out in Linwood bar this weekend. Video of the scene posted a KOMO news dot com. These county sheriff's office saying a group of alleged white supremacists walked into the room bar and attacked the African American DJ witnesses tell us the group was yelling racial slurs at the DJ. Then a fight broke out. The DJ was taken to the hospital with non serious injuries. Police say they made an arrest of eight men suspicion of militias harassment and assault. Seatac city hall, very stunned this morning and a south Seattle community a morning after the tragic death of a newly appointed seatac city council woman Amina Ahmed an advocate for immigrant and refugee rights died in a car crash yesterday. Komo's Patrick Quinn talked with a French who are coping with a sudden and tragic death to an fee. So they were in the middle of planning a Amenas meet-and-greet as a newly elected city council member. That's when they got the news that their former boss, and friend is gone. She's. Or community just hours after her death. Her friends, remember Amina Ahmed the woman advocate, and that's why I am who I am today. Steps. Other follow around one o'clock amino was killed in a head on collision on south one eight eighth street in seatac. I mean, a lived in south King County for the last twenty years as an immigrant. She was a voice for immigrants and refugee rights and in October was appointed to the tax city council. People come to say w wanted to organize all this. Like, we all have equal rights to stand together. Her loss is resonating to the city. She had such big plans for and yet while gone Amina Ahmed impact, we'll continue to live on Patrick found out that that meeting greet mentioned. That's being planned for Ahmed is not cancelled. It's still on for December twenty first slightly different tonal..

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