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I I remember from that performance you can see two or three young kids. TEENAGERS UP FRADIN POGO ING in Washington. I always wondered if those who they were and if they were like hired to schouten atmosphere. Oh you do I. Do we watch this if we did watch some of this performance seen ceremony. One of the kids is Chris. France and Tina weymouth son. Talking heads were inducted. That dot is so they have like a super punk kid. Maybe a few of them but I know at least one of them. Yeah we got it is. That's cool okay. So much better about that. Because he's he's got like the full on Mohawk like glued hair to spikes right right. Yeah okay good good because I I remember watching that when it came out you know because there's VH1 was still broadcasting. And I was like even as a teenager I was this feels like maybe this was You know not authentic. So I'm so I am. I'm very happy to hear that it's at least. It seems often. He might be like thirteen or something. Yes yeah he's like a kid it's really cool love it. I love that In two thousand and three we had no tribute performances. Could there could have been a tribute performance for the clash. This is another sad one joe. Stromer died in between induction announcement and the ceremony. You hate to see. What did they do for them? They just there was no there was no performance. Though I feel like the grammys that year you do get that. Great Class. Tree with Dave Grohl and shallow Elvis Costello the guys from no doubt and and a better job of this kind of thing we evidence. Is this bringing bad blood here. It's just come up several times while the aretha tribute at the grammys was great. Like I will say for Rock Hall. Did it better David Bowie tribute than the grammys anyway. Let's go back to two thousand four when George Harrison was inducted and again they don't do any George Harrison. Got My mind set on you. They don't do they. Don't have my sweet Lord or they don't do. I love that. I said I got my mind set on. You is like the quintessential right that song. I always saw George Harrison in wrote that Gama mindset. I knew I already was a cover of some old song from the Sixties Shit. Yeah yeah anyway conic music video the ad so good but there are clearly. It's associated with him but there it's yeah that's what a huge gaffe on the rocks part. So the the Rock Hall of Fame Rock. They do Handle with care. which is a traveling blueberries? Song.

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