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Is it barbara brie or is todd gloria. I've got a fifty percent chance of getting this right. Are you sure. Kevin faulkner anymore. And sure that kevin is done. You know. I like kevin a lot. And he has a site set on the big office for california announced that not officially but those were the twitter rumors. And i believe everything i hear in read on the internet is true. Kevin allowed is good friend to us. He goes at us for a long time. You know you pretended like we didn't rig the election for him when she had really when you think about it. He had to himself. Yeah we rigged the election for and it wasn't until we were mother a little more than halfway through that. He finally warmed up for that. He came back and he played the neighbors. Your buzzer contest of curse. Boy eh. it was no twenty twenty. Because chris boyer carp on the deck he flopped all over the place but he did come in. And i like kevin and we did not have any. I should say we didn't have too many filthy perverted dirty sex scandals during his reign of terror that he calls his mayorship. I don't think he ever had to wear a locator bracelet on his ankle his home now which is a breath of fresh air. Yup for city hall. Who's that guy. Bob filmer valentine robots about filner will go down in history is what of my all time. Favorite mayors little whistle. You never got to show the room only the color the excitement. He was like that guy up in canada. That crack addicted mayor in toronto was right tom. Ford is offended by tom. Ford baena designer yes. Princess woke up. Rob ford yeah. Yeah always having to deny oral sex allegations. Planning you wait at home. So yeah bob. Filner was was a joy a pleasure. But i don't think todd gloria or barbara breen are going to bring that kind of razzmatazz the city hall. I think they're gonna be more. Frankly which is in theory what we want. I like the bob filner days. I like more. When maureen o'connor was mayor i think she was mayor when i first got into town okay. There is no question that she dressed in shiny leather at home. She had a lotta yeah. She had a lot of whips. A lot of those weapons that you saw and mel gibson scottish lower movies you know mace chains cat of nine ta all that stuff. Yeah yeah and when she came into the room you zip at fella you got right in the line. Yeah yeah she looks like she means business she did. She did no one ever sast her. Who else has been mayor in the last thirty years your boy jerry. Sanders was a dark period very very dark lot. The sex daniel there could with me. I know who knew. There was a camera next time jerry and i get together for our little. Get togethers if you will in balboa park can let me know that. There's a movie going on. Would that be too much okay. So jerry sanders. Yeah i liked him. Well i do like who is it. First named kevin there was also roger hitchcock. He wasn't here when i was here. Okay all right. Was that nike caller. You're exonerated sure. I'm pretty sure. I got this weird thing on my ankle. But what the hell okay. Golding was after maureen like susan. Golding lot dick murphy. What two thousand. Two thousand five did. I don't think anyone was paying attention to that. I must have been asleep for that. How long kevin mayor for two terms eight years something like that. I think he was just five eight years because he took over part of filner dollar. Yeah so he got elected. He started march third twenty fourteen. It looks like six years. I am for kevi so either. Todd gloria or barbara. Bree hung. I am going to say i'm going to declare without hesitation and full confidence that i wanna welcome mayor barbara bree to city hall. I'll remember you did the reduction values and you're so grateful that a mayor provided you with production value out crap. I forgot about that gloria. That's going to cost a lot of problems for us. you know. 'cause he's mayor. Gloria set the microphones to about five foot six because they're expecting some girl and high heels to walk out. Here comes todd. Laura down to five hundred four. Todd's weren't as flats today all right well. Congratulations salon kevin. Thank you for your service Where we see ya good luck. I'd vote for him again. Public service we have bigger fish to fry. Though bigger problems. Bigger scandals today As much as we're gonna talk about raising money today. Baretti children's hospital. I'm gonna take this one segment to point out that things do carry on and probably the most hideous thing that is carried on the work of matt. Lewis who operates deepfakes on our show. And i don't know if you saw it i don't know if you saw it. It is the worst is it's criminal. This guy's got to go to jail facts mayor. Gloria would probably get off to a great start if said he confuse it. Gloria is a. He is it. They is it day mayor. If mayor gloria would issue the immediate warrant for the arrest of matt lewis because he does all the deepfakes for our show and he recreated the pottery from ghost with anymore and patrick swayze and boyer of course is patrick swayze. But this time bromont de. I don't like that i that's actually well. He said this is what happened when they got home from queens on steers after co hosts. Tom oh you don't even see it. You boyer back. You don't notice what's happened and then looking at nibbling brahmos year you don't really see it because bromo is in the shadows but there's a close up on what's supposed to be demi moore and this is the green ever seeing him mayor. Gloria show a warrant for the arrest. Forget about kobe. Vaccine's move this up the top priority for our national security and.

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