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The bear may have been lucky to get out after seven he made, he might have been ready to open a can on Bob Melvin shaky as bulk and he may have he may have. AH, I want my money seven ounces. All you've earned that is an adult. It's fun. It's so funny that the reasoning to was all the games or too long. It's a video game. I tell them, I know till half serious I know. I said Declan went from the high of the wind to getting battered by like the trash talk of a veteran trash talker. Language culture is one of the great and the all time he wasn't Declan wasn't ready for the veteran trainer. I can't handle the trash talk, Dino, Dad, and now he's got his win is short lived. Now he feels guilty about the W. And now and now there's a rematch on for tonight. I guess I don't know now you know, now I know we're playing seven inning games. I'm going to have to recalibrate. Don't know. He says he'll go nine for you. Will you go? He says he will Reese. At the Hay said the reset the league settings by the way for races Eddie and Declan are going for your girl. Next Thiss website. That's alright umm and commission Eddie is a lightning rod. And the funny thing about Eddie is this little freckle faced kid. Who always in every I've coached Eddie in sports. He doesn't say a word right? He's quiet, and then they don't say a word but will rearrange a baseball game to come home to me like Dad. Today at lunch, Teddy said. You know, Jimmy Garoppolo stank George Kittles overrated. So any of these kids around the dad just tells everybody everybody sucks? Yeah, well around us, he says nothing. But then at the playground, he comes. It's sizzling hot Sports Day, right? It's really funny. So Commish Eddie the Pirates beaten down the A's copes getting slapped around by a 12 year olds..

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