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Got that gago say so when the guy said that you ate that coleslaw eh. Yeah you wanna come into heaven okay. He'll let you say city Please gather all the information that you need. Here's cindy does the news here. Even when she's not here she follows the news through barbie. And when you hear she funnel you we do if we go there where bobby cologne is. Cindy j. again before we get out of here for good friday. God bless ya. They can't give me five thousand deaths of people that get vaccinated in real news. I i ask for as many as ten thousand. Because they're lying. Now if you go to the cdc show some they can't they can't give me. They can't give me one hundred deaths. They were on hank aaron movement. It didn't work and errands autopsy. What's going on so out in want. Want careful august. Where can they Well first of all good. Friday fitness friday. I know some of you about to while out because you like is the weekend. So you're just gonna eat whatever you want to eat and act up because you're going to act like you had yours but please guys eat right because even with the back scenes and stuff you gotta take care of your body's you gotta eat right so if you want more information about Fitness programs across all social media fitness by august so sydney. where can they find barbie. You guys can find barbie on facebook barbie cologne barbie cologne designs on instagram and designer. Babe for ol-. I'm sorry designer bay three on snapchat. You guys can find me. Sonny j on facebook sunny underscore j. on instagram and sunny j on snapchat short harvey on facebook means have facebook. All right okay so this will be going to do We we're gonna head on over to for an hour hang out over there and then we're hanging out with tricky. Cj in august fron lunchtime with tricky over there radio. And then we'll jump back into the group room And i'll be doing comedy shows all weekend and all sorts of soda. Pop sing with your shot. You better go ahead august. I mean april. Eighteenth we at the new york king talent to be in the building. Eight thirty one south delaware eastern pennsylvania. Doors open up at five showtime six after party with dj hostile. So guys. listen have a great weekend. Please be safe and we love you guys. Thank you so much for tuning in and we are out of here. Let the camera over there. Let's wave at these folks. God bless okay things. Displaying thanks listen. added judas..

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