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Zone. And I wanna thank Lydia. Melissa Allison, Elizabeth inner families for supporting quip all of those people signed up equip. They went to get quip dot com slash sleep. They're all sharing about it online, which I really really appreciate in. Appreciate the sponsor sponsor appreciates them and keeps his show for for everybody. If you're looking for an amazing toothbrush and amazing brushing screens, go to quip dot com slash sleep thinks oh mystery barred wh- who who who who helps out in this show others in all. That lives within my mouth is post post or some sounds. Barrel w. Sound Scotty jet around. Battiston? Website. Mystery bar. I commissioned at. Mother's day's coming. So father scum Joe. You see the kind shines straight on. Cinders phone their office. Get Stacey Seren Julian, Jennifer. These your Nana raid. Sportifs Goater drian. Drian merchant support spawns confined thinking long at sleep with me, Doug gun. We're so proud dance to be part of nine fail presents now on with the Joe, thanks, Mr. barred, I'm at deer screwed on Twitter and Instagram. Great places to catch me. Don't forget you can listen to sleep in meaner smart speaker, just a, hey, smart speaker place. Leap me cast in the new set asleep timer if you wish it a play all night is some people like that too. And that shit what you say we keep this show ago in are you on I tossing earning ninety rebel getting to sleep feeble, staying asleep. Woah, welcome. This is sleep with made the bad gas to the sleep. We do the bedtime story. Because you need to do is get bid delights recipe him to do the rest. I'm going to do is create a safe place where you could set aside whatever speedway. So whether thoughts. Healing. So. On your mind, something you're feeling physically. Physically Bill or motions bubbling up or anything. It'd be good change in routine. Gravel. Whatever it is said, it's me we could link to take your mind off that what I'm gonna do is gonna send my voice across the deep dark. Knight coming to use Lulling, soothing creek dulcet tones pointless meanders to birth Lewis tangents what else? Well, let me under superfluous tangents sprig eople nece, momentary forgivable nece more amps, absent minded, professor nece. Don't know exactly more empty. I'm more like a like, not empty minded. I wouldn't say I'm absent minded or empty minded like I would say like this'll take some into scribe ING like how low minded, and what I say when I mean that is like there's things in there, and my mind, but there's also a lot of hollow space. So there's echoes. You know, there's a there you say, well, I'm not sure let's go walk around the well, it's a winding. Pass up there in the howls of scoots mind, which could. Carole king. If you wanna make a song that could be the song if you had to write a selling about me in the hallows scoots his mind, it would have very narrow appeal. I think so we maybe we'd have to make it a new title it. You get excited. Excuse me. If you're new pardon me, saying excuse me to Carol king in also excusing myself before going off topic sewer early is very how how that does sound like some that was very hollow minded of me. I'm sorry that does does feel like a like a legitimate equal. Equal response there. Could you say how come that feels more natural than apps in mind? I guess you say, well, you know, what those very app to minded me. It's we'll we like usually if you'd have come you say, we'll just write it down next time against when you're hollow minded people would say, not sure what that means. Prime means. There's an echo up there. I mean, here's a good thing. Like there's benefits to being hollow minded, breezy wake echo. So that's another one. But plenty ahead space you'd say, whoa. Look at a ceiling in this is where we inside your mind. These are very high ceilings been thinking about getting some frescoes in here. But I'm just at the beginning of bad cast intro Michaelangelo. So let me get backed back to excu- wanted to chat with Carol king. She's on a tour to okay, sorry. New listeners. They usually don't go off topic is so quickly actually sometimes I do if you're new to the spot Cass. Welcome to sleep with me, it they say Iran say it's about yesterday, which is this more podcast to be here as you fall asleep. When I'm gonna do is send my voice across the deep dark night. I'm

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