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You hope to see in the fashion world As a result of your influence in the next five to ten years. I guess we could say we're still token is right like it's still like a niece issue to. Oh look at the body issue or look at look at this runway show. We included three plus models. Hell amazing are we. you know. And so it's still kind of a talking point and the headline win. A plus size model does something. And so i think when plus size models and when plus is blocked models are being included consistently in campaigns and in fashion editorials like when our size there are being offered at every store. And it's not the exception but it is the rule. I think that's when it truly gonna feel like you know. There has been a shift in the tide where we are just included. And it's kind of the exception for us to not be included versus to be included working listeners. Who are struggling with self hatred and body image issues due to combat them. And what can listeners do to support people who are struggling with body image issues and self adrian. Yeah so i think a couple things but one thing i always start with is like if you are struggling to accept your body Following influencers or just people who look like you is life changing. And i know it sounds kind of superficial or not that important but i cannot emphasize enough how much representation matters and how much seeing someone who looks like you and who reflects your body and your experience is important so that even if when you're following some influences in the beginning you might even be judging them because a lot of us have internalized shame and internalize fat phobia so you might be like. Oh she should not be wearing that like why is she wearing a string bikini. You might have that initial gut reaction and that's because you have been conditioned to feel that way until like it's even more important for you to follow those people over time what you'll find. Is that like those reactions will dissipate because when you're seeing that on a day-to-day basis in your feed and you are normalizing that to yourself and realizing oh wow. These women like themselves in our allowing themselves to express themselves through fashion or through creativity and like enjoying their lives. And like when you seeing fat person do all the things you've been told they're not supposed to do and you see that consistently over time you give yourself that grace to and that permission to live that way as well. Thank you so much for being with us. Course thank you so much for having me and this is a great conversation. Kebbi rushes body positive digital content creator software listeners. I wanna thank you so much for listening in on these last two episodes that were way more personal for me. It's been meaningful to get to talk with experts about how to solve these difficult problems. And i'd love to hear more from you. What are the challenges that you're struggling with. And what are some problems. You'd like to hear us discuss on the show. What solutions do you need. You can tweet at us with the hashtag solvable tweet at me at. Oh it's big ron. That's at h. It s. bi g. r. o. n. or tweeted pushkin. At pushkin pods at p. u. s. h. k. I n. p. o. d. s. solvable is produced by jocelyn. Frank research by david joh- booking by lisa done or managing producer is sasha matthias and our executive producer. Is meal lebel. I'm ronald young junior. Thanks for listening. How far is too far going. After the entire nation of norway may be too far but when designing our next generation vs general motors. Engineers ask themselves. How can we go even further. That's why gm developed altium. A revolutionary new ev platform built for power flexibility and range capable of taking you from here to there and back again. Discover how gm's new electric vehicles can take you further at gm dot com. Everybody in it's carlos watson watson show mazi is back with the brand new season. The la times called an anderson cooper meat so we have real conversations with the voices matter. Jeff cardi b. or friend. John ledge advertise about this part of my life. You have your pilon. Must gabriel union to undertake exists. Billy crystal ali gives me that hug whispers little and that's what he called me. Forty carlos watson show watched over one hundred million viewers every weekday on youtube. And wherever you get your podcast..

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