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It is very funny, and it speaks exactly to what's going on in the political world states of America post. Trump should go back and talk about a lot of pre Trump stuff and Kurt. I don't think I'm breaking new ground here. I don't think that I'm you know. Stealing anybody's scoop by saying that you are really hostile and antagonistic to what we call the Republican establishment in this town. You have added accurately assess Mike feelings towards these treacherous weasels, you you are you reserve more anger for Bill, crystal and Steve Hayes, and John I'm pretty much reading off everybody weekly standard. Joanie goldberg. Max booed Goldberg, Evan mcmuffin or whatever. His name. All of these loser Moby who have positioned themselves as never Trump. Why why do you have a special venom for them because you you actually go after them harder than you go after the left in this left or leftist? They always said I'm a leftist in there. Good act like leftists. And I I have contempt for them. But they you know, it is normal and right to have a special contempt for traders and backstabbers which these guys were. All right. So now, of course, they're gonna say owner. No, no, I'm the one who staying true to my beliefs, and my values that start when does the principal stuff start? When does the conservative start Larry because I waited thirty years for these feckless Gibo to get their stuff together and start actually doing the things they were promised. Oh, they could talk a good game. When it was time to milk. The donors boy came time to performing. Well, let's just say they were flaccid lover was disappointed. Okay. All right. He is the Viagra of conservative columnists. The Ed it's funny because you you point out the fact that they make a lot of money selling very expensive cruises to their listeners to they're very wealthy readers, and such and you see these conservative cruises as a metaphor for some as a metaphor of the fact that conservative incorporated against cruises. I have a cruise which we may do that could be cool could be a pirate. The Lido deck would have no Zima table. We wouldn't have gyms swift dominating the buffet. It would be it would be an awesome cruise. So I don't hate cruises. All right. Anybody out there on a cruise ship? I'm not, you know. Cruises or cruise phobic. It's just the the unrepentant Griffin of the conservative movement the milking of people who really want to improve their contracts for their own cheesy little sinecures, so they can get the job, you know, some crappy job, you know, writing unrig junk in donors supported magazines that are thinner than the brochure for my chiropractor. I will say this about because I've sort of I know a lot of the people in this world. Full disclosure. I worked at weekly standard for ten weeks. It was short. Yeah. And you laugh, well, well, yeah. Thought that's what. Keelhauled? But when I have what is very fascinating to me when you do twelve in these realms, and let's face it. There are ever since Reagan. There is a very legitimately an establishment for and well-funded conservative. And what's fascinating to me is how many of these people who who helped free market principles and out conservative values and principles. They've never actually turned a profit in their life. They've never actually allied. These guys. Look, I've run a business. I've commanded a battalion level. You know, I've actually done stuff. And I'm not freaking impressed. Because you're the second assistant the eagle forum for liberty and eagles and stuff. I'm not impressed to me. You're just a goof, you're a frequent punchline, and you presume to talk to me any other people out there who've actually accomplished something in their lives between this ice typing up. Unrig goo that no one's ever gonna look at get out my face. You weasels Kurtz, Lichter is a normal. But he has become militant on.

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