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Wow that was moving undulated as if it were alive still think we shouldn't fly away said volley wall in sorrow abbas eyes were so vacant finn thought it looked like her brain was shut off choose just staring forward not moving there was none of the fire that had always been there always pushing him to take risks try things have fun page held his hand tightly in didn't say a word and if page was quiet then he knew she was really worried mom said fed stop it step out of it we need your help in all you're doing just standing there your captain caspian your our mom you need again get out of here finn don't you see said his mom i don't need to be captain anymore you don't need to be an explorer anymore we can just be people on a planet happy the puzzle massar can take care of everything the puzzle master said fit yes that is who i am now come to be fitted page hugged each other but he wasn't talking to them mr sparkle suddenly lifted from finns shoulders flew through the air like an acrobat soaring from one chap piece to another and landed on the desk of the puzzle master you have done well i friend oh i'm sorry did you think my friend was on your side faint caspian oh no you see this here is called a beacon baby we know that already said page well if you do that that you should have known not follow it around the galaxies you see big babies will always pull you along they have you on a leash but if you didn't pay closer attention you would have seen that at each stage you had a puzzle or a riddle to saw even when you were playing that dreadful game show you had to use your wits that is because.

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