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Ever possible either statewide or on a county by county basis new research was also unveiled showing the virus survives better in colder drier climates than in warm humid environments fluxes colonel Scott in new study also suggests the number of new York residents infected by the virus may actually be ten times higher the number of infections confirmed by testing and that as many as one million New York City residents may have had the virus most without getting seriously ill America is listening to fox news still looking at the chance of a few rain showers as we go through the night time hours although dropping down into the low sixties or could be a few gusty thunderstorms around through the evening intervals of clouds and sunshine on Friday warm highs up around eighty I'm meteorologist mark Thibodeau from the weather channel on one oh six one FM talk next news in thirty minutes follow us on social media go to one oh six one FM talk dot com to connect taking a stand and offering an opinion I'm already exhausted it's all in a day's work how it gets done today at three on one oh six one FM I heart radio station stay connected from I heart radio number one for podcasts the limit does not exist we are in a pandemic we are isolated at the same time and everything feels up in the air with no known endpoint and.

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