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Scores seven point Unbelievable. That's out. Sounded right here on W F. Ella. It's the Lightning took a two games to none seriously over the Islanders without to Tawan when both teams are off. Today, preparing for Game three of the best of seven series on Friday night. I'm Jason Bearing your news radio Wofl, a Tampa Bay traffic and weather just moments away with Florida's news on Chris Trunk Man. I got well, there's a lot of confusion when it comes to the reliability of tests for the Corona virus antibodies. But Michael Doherty of any lab tests now in Stirling says the nautical tests are the same. Really. There's two main at about eight I g N I. G antibodies developed most patients within 7 to 10 days after symptoms began and I G m, which is the first anybody produced when the immune system picks in their drawing on your arm? That's that's a good sign If they're doing finger sticks, really look at that crosswise because that's where there's The issues and then you want to know. Are they doing G or G? M and a buddy and some labs will say, Hey, we're running an anybody test but which antibodies So you have to educate yourself and understand. There are absolutely reliable antibody tests right now for Cove it This is an easy this isn't like, oh, all antibodies with saying all tests of the same They absolutely are not. For more information. Visit Covic test Virginia dot com or call any lab tests now at 703 for four. 46633 calm..

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