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Welcome back see here gary in east point michigan watching us on free speech tv hey gary what's on your mind john mapuche you the core the core your show you oughta amy grant meant our know what i would do recall you the truth to power and that's all you can add for thank you what's on your mind today in tom i really wanted to say something uh about healthcare but you know you said i think you need to be amended all born on that healthcare thing i wanna know how combed the democrat no call it what it on a hanno that day that do eric on the horrible care atwood gonna call you that the panel and the democrats need to come on and say aidid play that you know obama sure native american now you're talking about keeping them off it is truly adept panel to democrats aren't talking about yeah yeah now it said the death pal right now is the republicans control senate and and what what amazes me is you know people are drawing comparisons between john mccain and teddy kennedy is both of them have the same kind of a very aggressive form of brain cancer global bus was toma and and people are saying we oh yeah ted ted kennedy came back to cast a vote on health care just like john mccain did or john mccain did just like ted kennedy did now no it's that just like it all ted kennedy came back the cast the tiebreaking vote to make obamacare the law of the land to give healthcare to more than twenty million americans could john mccain came back and cast tiebreaking vote to take healthcare away from thirty million americans right after he got diagnosed with cancer which we you with think would cause am to understand what might be like to be facing a failed aziz and need the help a year physicians and uh but no he doesn't he doesn't give a rat's ass and he's not going to do anything about it so gary i i i'm i'm with you thank you for your comment is very very well said very welltaken arthur in davy florida a arthur what's on your mind take the thanks to watch free speech addition our thank you and i'd like to talk about the proposed privatization of the aircraft control.

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