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Beck, and we've been talking about this. You guys mentioned that your noble movie. I is it is it the documentary it is. Eight mill it is a live action. It's like a series so many series limited series. I think it's six or seven episodes, total, I think only three of them are out so far. Goes through the entire thing from like it starts the day, the meltdown happens. And this is an event. I'm absolutely fascinated with it is. Yeah. Legitimately on my, my bucket list of need to get there. Now the problem with turtles. It might be the last thing on your bucket list, go there and, you know, it's, it's actually. They're not moving people back into the area for multiple reason. Nobody animals move back. I just saw that my nature shows. Yes. It is. Unbelievable how the animal kingdom has just moved right back in. And there's a didn't life there now. Yeah. His plenty to eat the, you know, the greenery has grown again. And it's not like the Simpsons with mister burns with every fish has three is just fine. The later on physicists have said that the bottom line is actually probably should not have issued a mandatory evacuation of the area even when it happened and the thought was at the time, I don't think we understood it thought it was going to kill people. And, and one of the things that turn noble, the series does really well is highlight, the real roic activities of the people who were there, working at the plant in the surrounding areas. I mean they basically rushed into a burning building, like you've never seen before and just to protect the people around them. It was the government. That was the complete disastrous. You'd expect kidding. It really. I mean, this is a it's not a people tried to make this in to see this is what can happen with nuclear power now. See this is what could happen with awful government, communism. Running a giant react without a containment facility now that would never happen today, even in places like Russia, no one would no one would operate a nuclear power plant anything like Chernobyl, and the other times that we've had issues with and scares with nuclear energy. They have been nothing but a giant testament to the success of the way they've protected people Three Mile Island. The worst exposure to radiation at Three Mile Island was a full chest. Xrays. Suppose set of chess chest x rays, and that's why thousands of people died. No one. No. Three Mile Island. Yes, zero pick nuclear disaster in the history of this nation. That's actually true zoo people. Jeffy and I have joked about this. We used to do this on patents do all the time with Cosima but again, zero. Zero. Yes. Yes, we did. Yeah. So we're starting to see some Fukushima hannibal's the ocean. Fukushima. People get confused between the actual nuclear meltdown, and the title, killed lots of people, NAMI killed a lot of thousand or more. It was a terrible terrible incidents. They try to they try to vilify nuclear power at the same time. They warn us about climate change nuclear power would be the easiest solution to climate change known to man. It's an unlimited amount of emission free electricity and they're like, no, you can't do that. That's the easiest way to spot the actual environmentalists and a person who's a it was using it for political gain if they will tell you, you know what? Yes, nuclear power, please. Bring it on there a real environmentalist. They actually care about global warming. There's a whole group of people who are on the far left who really care about forming that are advocating for nuclear power. And at least you can take them seriously like here is okay. We have this amazing technology that has killed in its entire existence. Fifty nine people all of them at Chernobyl, basically, I mean, people have fallen at plants and stuff. But I'm talking about actual meltdowns. And we China syndrome when that movie that was specifically saw that documentary sought in the hallway here. Isn't that the one that that was the filthier? There's another nuclear disaster movie that was filmed here in Dallas. Street streep. That is terrible at all. But the thing is excellent. If you. Interesting. It's worth watching if you just like good television is worth watching. But let me give you a third reason if you happen to be considering voting for, let's say Bernie Sanders. If you know someone who happens to be the type of person who might pull a lever for Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or anyone else who thinks AFC democratic socialism's, the way to go. It's a must watch for those because you see exactly the way these governments operates. Sure. Do it was, it's, it's a amazing to see as like, oh my God. Because again, when you prioritize the collective over individuals you get this mindset and let me give you a great example of this is from episode one of turnover, and it is the to set the scene here. The meltdown has happened. They realized something serious going on. But there's a disagreement as to what they should do. And how bad it is a lot of the people there. Like, look, it's not it's nothing serious. We've already. Contained it everything's gonna be fine. And there's just this, the, the inkling of other people who are, like, hey, like it seems to be a lot worse than you're saying, we should evacuate our families. Get people out of here, and they're gonna cause a panic and there in the middle of this back and forth, who's going to win the people saying it's not a big deal or the people who are worried about their families. And so as is all happening. There's, there's a an old old time, socialist guy's been around a while. He's sitting in the back room, he's just watching all this happen. And as the arguing sort of builds up, he taps, his cane on the floor and everyone just dropped silent to listen to what this old school guy is about to say and listen to this speech and play it to anyone who wants to vote for Bernie Sanders because this is how with always ends up wasn't sometimes..

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