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Dot com lorry and julia they'll be back on monday thank you for hanging out with me i'm holly stephanie march thank you for hanging donny love thank you for your obligation to punchy that time that's right all right so favorite headline of the day is this saudi textbook features image of yoga with king faisal this is the thing that happened book up there i didn't what did you say let your microphone really yeah oh well saudi textbook features image of yoda with king faisal where'd far too marwa this act this is completely real and it is my favorite headline of the day of brings me such joy so saudi arabia's education minister has apologized for the production of a school textbook in which the star wars character yoda is seen superimposed on a photograph of the late king faisal at the united nations oh my god that is unreal let's other sitting while the king faisal signed the un charter in 1945 and tax to book test book yeah going out across the entire country of saudi arabia wasn't really there who it is he out with you well oh my god yes that well in this was a piece of work that an artist did back in two thousand thirteen entitled united nations yoda and it's a part of a series in which symbols of american pop culture ranging from captain america to darth vader are superimposed onto archive photos of historical events so this are this made this image as a series of photos and apparently the artist said that he included yoda in this photo of king faisal who is serving as his urban because they were both y strong and always call her and the education minister said that someone should have checked the image before ting jeff plus entire thing ray the entire the entire thing i love this like remember when you order signed the united nations charter back nineteen for i remember that back zinc amazing knowledge of your all man so another well this story of how the picture in the saudi arabian tech's look reminded me of a story that happened earlier this week and i don't think that lorry and julia talked about it at all but it's about this netflixing children series called my of the b which used to be an aide these cartoon back in the day maya the bees though net flicks has a new version of that show on their streaming service.

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