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Had the thought of you you know show not tell which is a very common expression. When you're talking about a movie in this particular case I think it would have been tough to get the thought or message across to the audience if there wasn't that narration if you're just watching Brad Pitt on screen and Dan. You're seeing him go through things. You're not really getting the full of motion how he's feeling about it and it's not like he's giving off a very emotive performance formats so I think the voiceover was handled well and it was necessary. In this case. Absolutely I completely agree well all right. I'M GONNA go onto a another one here. another puzzle piece so in this movie ad Astra we've a a ship that has been missing for years out when Ed sent set out on a mission and then disappeared and others a signal and they think that that oh it might still be out there. Let's send a rescue mission and of course spoiler alert. We don't worry about spoilers on this show but get there and find out everyone went crazy basically or or at least the the the main guy went crazy and lots of violent murders went down on the ship and I thought of event horizon which I still maintain is the scariest fucking movie ever even though it's very cheesy in retrospect the act it's still shit out of me but yeah. I mean that's basically the exact setup of event horizon and what a creepy creepy setup set up that is and of course this movie is not by any means a horror movie. It's not scary really but certainly the the you lost ship that was out there doing some scientific mission like millions of miles away isolated from from Earth than you know that that that unknown Nisa space multiplied by the the fact that you know the ship disappeared for so many years and who knows if anyone's still on it or what happened to it. I I really Kinda amps up the creep factor in this in both situations and yeah that is a perfect tie-in with everything that goes on with Tommy Tommy Lee Jones his character and his crew either get spend what like thirty years almost in the movie where his his crew went out to the Lima project and they hadn't been heard of again so brad. Pitt's character thought he's dead. My father died doing that but then all of a sudden you know you have that beacon. That's coming That's a great tie in on that one. I gotTa give you props on that one. Well thank you man thank you. What do you got for your next puzzle piece. My next one is going to be Mad Max fury road and amusing this for a very specific part part of the movie the only real true action set piece of this movie shore and it's when they're on the moon and there's moon pirates apparently they're being chased throughout and it's very reminiscent of Mad Max Fury Road I even in my review. Even I even called it. Mad Max Lunar Road Eh just because of the fact that everything feels the same you have one croup being chased down in to aid. You know where they're going but it feels it's as though they're being chased almost like macrey. That's how it felt like to me at least the way that action piece was setup designed. How shot sure absolutely you know and I I remember hearing you talk about that on your episode and that's that's hilarious. I love that Mad. Max Lunar rose as much as ad Astra is not an action movie and it's not the kind of movie that you know get sequels or spin offs or anything like that I would love to know more about the world of Space Space Pirates on the moon and you know it's so interesting would be super fascinating to me the fact that there's regions of the the moon you can't travel because they might kill yeah because it's it's not governed land. It's painful. It's not alien. It's just people who who went up there and then just kind of went off grid or whatever that is nuts and I wish they would have explored that a little more says frigging great all right so yes so let me go with another one here so normally. I try not to do you this on the show but I just felt like I had to in the lead up to two ad Astra. I decided to go back and watch James. Graves film lost city of Z. or as characters refer to it but I'm pretty sure the movie itself just say loss at easy but whatever but you know I was was. I was really interested that really the characters have a very similar a goal. I mean they're they're. It's a similar story three of character it now. It's a very different way and of course one is set in the past and WanNa say in the future but you know it. It's still well a guy who has just obsessed with this scientific quest and you know in in Las Z. It's finding this law city in an Amazon and of course an ad Astra it's finding proof of extraterrestrial life out towards Saturn or whatever wherever the project was going and would eventually kills him eventually leads to his death and in Law City Z. You you know drags his son into it and in this drags his son into the different ways in very different stories but I just found it interesting that this movie has a very real parallel with with losses e both written and directed by James Gray Have you seen I have not it's one that's been on my list of movies to watch and I just for some reason can't get around twitter yeah. Just keep I just keeps I hadn't I hadn't either it took me forever to finally watch it and I was just like in the lead up. I was like because because honestly I this is probably a good moment to talk about that. Where are you a fan of. Any of James Graves other work to be honest miss with you. I the only one that really comes to mind is ad Astra like unless I am blanking on some other movie that that I I don't know was his. I'm currently looking at up now because I think I may have seen another one of his movies and not even realize that I did see it but I don't think I have seen any other of his movies yeah to be honest with the only ones I'd ever seen up until this point where two lovers and we own the naive and I didn't really like we own the night and two lovers. I don't really remember very well. It's just one of those movies I know I saw a long time ago but I hadn't seen any of his other movies and so that's why I like leading up to this. I was like I got to see at least one of his other movies and and hopefully like it before where I walk into this movie that like this big big giant sci-fi movie director like seemingly out of nowhere it gets to make a big giant sci-fi movie with Brad Pitt there must be a reason and Yeah Oh oh yes I ended up watching La City Z. The week before this came out and I was as I was watching. I was like Oh my God because I kinda got an idea of what the movie was going to be. We from the trailer that Astra and I was like wow this seems very similar to what I'm about to see in Ad Astra then sure enough it really followed through with the actual full movie but yes I just found that that parallel very interesting and I would recommend law. City is the for anyone who hasn't seen it so it's on my list absolutely well. What do you got for your next one the next one I have two more that you're where the next one is the movie. I reformed nine now. That was the movie starring Ethan Hawke came out last year and so that movie movie deals with a person who at the beginning of the movie is shown as a calm character a poise character as the movie goes on and certain situations thrust upon him he begins to question things he begins to doubt himself he begins to change and adapt to certain situations and that's exactly how I feel Brad. Pitt's character is in this movie when we first meet him in this movie and Brad Pitt David make a point to say his resting heart beat rate is not just to show that key is calm. He is collected. There's nothing that conveys.

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