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Right now, it doesn't look like it does I. Think you know. Republicans still were. sounds like we might actually get a cutting excuse me tell us Bulak tomorrow. So we'll see what numbers say I do feel like they've Bello more encouraged in recent days by this you know. Like you were saying your friends there a do they skip that race I think it's just what else comes out I don't Cunningham has done a good job of managing this I think you should have gone out ahead of it of the we did put out a news non perhaps the best day that he could win. You know every depressing Tillis had just gotten. Virus to and Kellyanne Conway and Bill Stepien Trump's campaign manager. I, mean it was just felt like every hour somebody else was confirmed to get her own virus. I will say the question on the poll that was just released this week survey USA just did a poll guess came out yesterday the day before being giving my own personal opinion here which I often do. I was surprised by the question because the question asked specifically sort of what nate asks do do sexting scandals do does marital infidelity does that matter to you and I don't believe at least from the answer that I see North Carolina bet that Thom Tillis is running against the infidelity or running against the you know the fact that cal Cunningham cheated on his wife, but he is running against. What people might see as hypocrisy or dishonest sort of the same thing that's hurt Lindsey Graham in South Carolina and that question wasn't asked question was and I think I think for the most part you know I don't all these people who I've talked to. They don't really have a problem with. The Fidelity we've got a president who grabs women by the privates That's not the issue. The issue is you ran a certain way and. In the middle of your election, you pull the John Edwards which you know. We did that already in North Carolina. So I think that's so that that poll didn't really answer the question. That needs to be. Sx Their vote. But some of them were probably West Cunningham I will just throw out this stat And do with it what you will when I looked at that bowl and I looked at the one that they had done in September in. September. Tell us was actually leading among men by eleven points in this new poll. Cunningham. was leading among men by two points so then. So you know read into that what you will. Jessica Jessica you're the pro you get into the weeds and get it all those cross tabs. So last question emily from Virginia Beach Asks what could be the biggest upsets, and then she puts in parentheses only one right answer i. don't know what that means but what could be what do you think the biggest upsets could be? This year across the board. I think that Alaska race it would qualify as an upset and I think you know South Airline even though we rated as competitive i. In talking with you here I mean you know I. I think this is what a lot of southern Democrats have. They sort of can't believe that their states are changing or that they could play and I think that's sort of the same thing happening in South Carolina. So again, I think if a Jamie Harrison to win, you have a state like South Carolina like I mentioned that has such a fraud racial history would have to African Americans, senators I think that sends a huge message. That certainly would be a massive upset to you. I guess it depends emily on how you define emily listener on how you define upset if it's a sleeper race okay Alaska no one's really paying attention to it. Surprise Democrats got another seat. But if you WANNA talk about a Eric Cantor sized What the heck or an Beating in the Certainly if if you know Lindsey Graham is probably the most visible. One of at least one of the most visible senators, the Senate. To have him. Loose. would be Hartley why Harrison is getting a lot of money in the same way that at grass gets a lot of money especially they're running against to not that Harrison is not as compelling candidate. He very clearly is but I think a lot of that money as because you know onesie grams has said it repeatedly on Fox News and in the hearings this morning that you know. They hate me hate me and that is true for most most of both of their money comes in from out of state, which is really the more in most of these races now, and we saw a lot of it come in you the hours and days after of Justice Ginsburg deaths and I think that was a major part that was fueling that fifty eight, fifty, seven, million dollars as well. So yeah I mean I think we'll see what happens on election mate. And I'm sure you're ready for that. So the point of this podcast is to try to figure out how? I mean the question I was asking earlier about partisanship and how we've just it really is just are you read or are you blue and vote that way and you know I get frustrated because I'm blue but I still am frustrated by the fact that you know what's the point of trying to be moderate because if you are like, Susan Collins it doesn't matter. You're not. You're you aren't blue enough or if you try to be Modern Cory Gardner has no motivation for appeasing the people in the middle because they won't. Democrats won't vote for him. Anyway. So the purpose of the podcast is is to try to figure out why we become so partisan and if we're GONNA stay partisan. How can we live together? So I asked the same question of everybody at the end you dig into what's going on in all of these states, you get to see the partisanship. More than most people do because you're really looking at. How the heck are we going to get along? Well, you know I. Think there are some encouraging signs that we can look at you know a lot of these. House members that were elected in twenty eighteen that really are sort of moderate or have..

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